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AUTHORS: Maria Rakowska, Barbara Rek-Cieply, A. Sot, Ewa Lipinska, T. Kubinski, Irena Barcz and Barbara Afanasjew

KEY WORDS: rye, chicks, small intestine, probiotics, nisine

PAGE: 75-81


KEY WORDS: enzymes, feedstuffs, hydrolysis, p H , protein, solubility

PAGE: 67-12

AUTHORS: A. Baranowski and S. Russel

KEY WORDS: silage, cellulolytic bacteria, meadow grass

PAGE: 59-65

AUTHORS: E. Peinado-Lucena, A.G. Gomez-Castro, M. Sanchez-Rodriguez, C. Mata-Moreno and V. Domenech-Garcia

KEY WORDS: pasture, caprine, shrubs, trees, intake, grazing

PAGE: 51—57

AUTHORS: M. Sanchez-Rodriguez, A.G. Gomez-Castro, E. Peinado-Lucena, M. Mata-Moreno and V. Domenech-Garcia

KEY WORDS: palatability, caprine, shrubs, trees, grazing, browsing

PAGE: 43-50

AUTHORS: J. Kowalczyk, Z. Buczkowski, Alina Jaczewska and Urszula Pawlus

KEY WORDS: sheep, formaldehyde, protein, degradability, wool, performance

PAGE: 35-42

AUTHORS: Stanisiawa Raj, H. Fandrejewski, Maria Kotarbinska and Katarzyna Chabiera

KEY WORDS: rape seeds, metabolizable energy, protein digestibility, growing pigs

PAGE: 27-34

AUTHORS: Maria Fandrejewska

KEY WORDS: mastitis, udder pathogens, SCC, CMT, threshold

PAGE: 15-26

AUTHORS: R. Bęza, Joanna Gruszczynska, W. Hącel and Krystyna Kubuj

KEY WORDS: rat, endogenous nitrogen, urea, protein-free diet

PAGE: 1-14

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