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AUTHORS: A. Baranowski and S. Russel

KEY WORDS: lucerne silage, additives

PAGE: 65-71

AUTHORS: W. Korol, Teresa Jaskiewicz, Grazyna Bartuzi, Grazyna Bogusz, Halina Niescior, C. Grabowski and Elzbieta Mojek

KEY WORDS: low glucosinolate rape seed, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, antinutrients

PAGE: 57-64

AUTHORS: W. Grala, Barbara Pastuszewska, Stefania Smulikowska, Lucyna Buraczewska and Jolanta Gdala

KEY WORDS: double-low rapeseed meal, processing, heating, protein value, chickens, rats

PAGE: 43-55

AUTHORS: W. Grala, Lucyna Buraczewska, Jolanta Gdala and Barbara Pastuszewska

KEY WORDS: double-low rapeseed meal, processing, toasting temperature, protein value, ileal digestibility, pigs

PAGE: 33-42

AUTHORS: Hanna Leontowicz, R. Krzeminski, Maria Leontowicz, G. Kulasek, J . Tropilo and E . Sobczak

KEY WORDS: organic acid, pig, digestibility, microbiology, metabolism

PAGE: 23-31

AUTHORS: J. Kowalczyk

KEY WORDS: sheep, rumen, duodenum, amino acid, deamination

PAGE: 11-22

AUTHORS: Halina Skorko-Sajko, Torben Hvelplund and Martin R. Weisbjerg

KEY WORDS: ruminants, amino acid profile, degradability, protein

PAGE: 1-10

AUTHORS: M.E.R. Dugan, W.C. Sauer, J.M. Dugan Jr. and W.R. Caine

KEY WORDS: pig, ileum, bacterial amino acid markers

PAGE: 149-159

AUTHORS: Z. Zduñczyk, J . Juskiewicz, S. Frejnagel, Marianna Flis, and Irena Godycka

KEY WORDS: lupin, cotyledons, seed coat, whole and hulled seeds, chemical composition, nutritional value

PAGE: 141-148

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