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AUTHORS: Stefania Smulikowska, Justyna Wasilewko and Anna Mieczkowska

KEY WORDS: L . luteus, L . albus, L . angustifolius, hull, cotyledon, chemical composition

PAGE: 69-76

AUTHORS: A. Chwalibog

KEY WORDS: metabolizable energy utilization, energetic efficiency, lactation, milk composition, dairy cow

PAGE: 63-67

AUTHORS: A. Brodacki, J . Jankowski and A. Faruga

KEY WORDS: turkeys, blood serum, polymorphism of proteins

PAGE: 55-62

AUTHORS: Ewa Kapkowska and R.W. Gerry

KEY WORDS: broilers, water restriction, compensatory growth

PAGE: 43-53

AUTHORS: Ewa Świerczewska, Barbara Reklewska and Anna Siennicka

KEY WORDS: rapeseed meal, T4 , T3 , meat type chickens, adult hens, egg fertility, hatchability

PAGE: 35-42

AUTHORS: E.T. Kornegay, W. Zhou, J.W.G.M. Swinkels and C.R. Risley

KEY WORDS: copper, cobalt, pigs

PAGE: 21-33

AUTHORS: J . Kulisiewicz, J.L. Sokół, Anna Rekiel, R. Inarski and P. Lenartowicz

KEY WORDS: growing pigs, genotype x nutrition interaction, crossbreds, Pietrain, Duroc, carcass value

PAGE: 11-19

AUTHORS: Carmen Valdés, A.R. Mantecón, F.J. Giráldez and F.F. Bermúdez

KEY WORDS: sheep, pastures, grazing, intake

PAGE: 1-9

AUTHORS: Maria Kulisa and M. Ormian

KEY WORDS: Hucul horses, enzyme activity, age

PAGE: 281-286

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