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AUTHORS: R.H. Phipps and J.R. Park

KEY WORDS: GM crops, pesticide reduction, global, European Union

PAGE: 1-18

AUTHORS: N. Livshin1 , E . Maltz and A. Antler

KEY WORDS: dairy cows, feeding behaviour, computerized self-feeders

PAGE: 19-37

AUTHORS: D. Lechniak, T. Strabel, D. Przybyta, G. Machnik and M. Switonski

KEY WORDS: GH, CSN3, polymorphism, milk traits, cattle

PAGE: 39 - 45

AUTHORS: M. Macit, N. Esenbuga and M. Karaoglu

KEY WORDS: fat-tailed lambs, growth, semi-intensive conditions, carcass characteristics

PAGE: 59 - 68

AUTHORS: T. Fujihara, T. Harumoto and S.A. Abdulrazak

KEY WORDS: rumination behaviour, sheep, acetic acid infusion, dietary nitrogen level

PAGE: 69- 78

AUTHORS: T. Fujihara, M. Sakaguchi and S.A. Abdulrazak

KEY WORDS: rumination behaviour, sheep, acetic acid, propionic acid, feed utilization

PAGE: 79 - 90

AUTHORS: T. Fujihara, S. Maeda and M.N. Shem

KEY WORDS: eating behaviour, rumen, rumination, VFAs infusion, sheep, feed utilization

PAGE: 91 - 108

AUTHORS: H. Darmani Kuhi , E . Kebreab, S. Lopez and J . France

KEY WORDS: body weight, broilers, growth curve, Fabens, Gompertz, von Bertalanffy

PAGE: 109- 125

AUTHORS: A.Teguia, J. Awah Ndukum and S.B. Kouomou

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, feed restriction, feed efficiency, carcass characteristics

PAGE: 127 - 133

AUTHORS: T. Majewska, D. Pyrek and A. Faruga

KEY WORDS: charcoal-supplemented, turkeys, performance

PAGE: 135 - 141


AUTHORS: M. Czauderna, J. Kowalczyk, K.M. Niedzwiedzka and I. Wąsowska

KEY WORDS: amino acids, pre-column derivatization, HPLC, UV detection, fluorescence detection

PAGE: 143 - 167

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