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AUTHORS: J. Sales and G.P.J. Janssens

KEY WORDS: acid-insoluble ash, markers, digestibility, review

PAGE: 383–401

AUTHORS: T. Malewski, A. Malewska and R. Rutkowski

KEY WORDS: RT-PCR, Real-time PCR, gene expression, molecular diagnostics, mRNA

PAGE: 403–416

AUTHORS: R. Tóthi , R.H. Zhang, P. Chilibroste, H. Boer and S. Tamminga

KEY WORDS: dairy, rumen, grazing, supplementation, barley, maize

PAGE: 417–433

AUTHORS: K. Ljøkjel, A. Skrede and O.M. Harstad

KEY WORDS: expander, nylon bags, pelleting, rumen degradation, starch, total tract digestion

PAGE: 435–449

AUTHORS: Z.M. Kowalski, P.M. Pisulewski and M. Görgülü

KEY WORDS: dairy cow, grass silage, energy level, protected methionine, milk yield, milk composition

PAGE: 451–464

AUTHORS: H. Rulquin and J. Kowalczyk

KEY WORDS: methionine, lysine, bioavailability, blood test, dairy cattle

PAGE: 465–474

AUTHORS: S. Osięgłowski, J.A. Strzetelski, J. Kowalczyk and B. Niwińska

KEY WORDS: fattening bulls, net energy, metabolizable energy, performance

PAGE: 475–486

AUTHORS: M. Cissé, D. Ditaroh, A. Korréa, I. Ly and D. Richard

KEY WORDS: zebu, feeding level, body weight, condition score, lipids, energy

PAGE: 487–497

AUTHORS: T. Fujihara, M. Iwakuni, M.N. Shem and T. Hirano

KEY WORDS: rumen protozoa, sheep, purine derivatives, feed utilization

PAGE: 499-511

AUTHORS: Š. Faix, Ľ. Leng, J.J. Pająk, M. Czauderna, Z. Faixová, K. Boldižárová and J. Kowalczyk

KEY WORDS: purine derivatives, allantoin, vasopressin, kidney, water reabsorption, sheep

PAGE: 513–520

AUTHORS: K. Jaszczak, R. Parada, B. Wardęcka and C. Niemczewski

KEY WORDS: bull, 60,XY/61,XYY karyotype, semen characteristics, microsatelities

PAGE: 521–527

AUTHORS: K. Obremski, M. Gajęcki, W. Zwierzchowski, T. Bakuła, J. Apoznański and J. Wojciechowski

KEY WORDS: mycotoxins, zearalenone, hyperoestrogenism, pig

PAGE: 529–538

AUTHORS: E.M. Straarup, V. Danielsen, K. Jakobsen and C.-E. Hoy

KEY WORDS: rapeseed oil, decanoic acid, designer fat, long-chain fatty acids, medium-chain fatty acids

PAGE: 539–559

AUTHORS: J. Koreleski, S. Świątkiewicz and A. Iwanowska

KEY WORDS: laying hens, fish fat, yolk, fatty acids, antioxidants, TBA-RS

PAGE: 561–572

AUTHORS: C.V. Nguyen, M. Biernat and S. Smulikowska

KEY WORDS: morphology, small intestine, growth performance, linseed, rapeseed, broiler chickens

PAGE: 573–582

AUTHORS: D. Jamroz, J. Orda, C. Kamel, A. Wiliczkiewicz, T. Wertelecki and J. Skorupińska

KEY WORDS: chickens, phytogenic extracts, performance, ileal digestibility, amino acids, E. coli, C. perfringens, sensorial evaluation

PAGE: 583–596

AUTHORS: A. Donkoh, S. Otchere, U.O. Asare, E. Okyere-Boakye, R.Y. Tawiah and E.K.D. Nyannor

KEY WORDS: blood, maize cob, broiler chickens, growth performance

PAGE: 597–603

AUTHORS: R.Q. Zhao, J. Zhou, Q.F. Xu, Z.H. Zhao, X.H. Wei, D. Xia, W.H. Chen and J.Chen

KEY WORDS: pigs, GH, IGF-1, growth hormone receptor (GH-R), leptin, gene expression

PAGE: 605–615

AUTHORS: M. Stachoń, J. Gromadzka-Ostrowska, M. Przepiórka and E. Fürstenberg

KEY WORDS: adrenal cortex, corticosterone, 11β-hydroxylase, leptin, dietary fat, rats

PAGE: 617–631

AUTHORS: T.C. Loh, H.L. Foo, S.H. Tan, Y.M. Goh, M.H. Shukriyah and C.N. Kufli

KEY WORDS: fermented products, growth performance, Enterobacteriaceae, lactic acid bacteria, cholesterol, rats

PAGE: 633–644

AUTHORS: C.D.K. Rubanza, M.N Shem4, R. Otsyina, N. Nishino, T. Ichinohe and T. Fujihara

PAGE: 645–663

AUTHORS: J. Vadiveloo

KEY WORDS: fermentation, fibrous residues, spent waste

PAGE: 665–676

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