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AUTHORS: J. Jurkiewicz

KEY WORDS: somatic cloning, nuclear transfer, activation

PAGE: 373–388

AUTHORS: Z. Tan and M.R. Murphy

KEY WORDS: ammonia, urea, recycling, ruminant

PAGE: 389–404

AUTHORS: T. Strabel

KEY WORDS: dairy cows, lactation curve, milk traits, test-day records

PAGE: 405–416

AUTHORS: S. Yurtseven and M. Görgülü

KEY WORDS: choice-feeding, diet selection, goat, milk yield, milk composition, German Fawn × Hair crossbred goat

PAGE: 417–428

AUTHORS: B. Isabel, A.I. Rey, C.J. Lopez-Bote, D. Menoyo and A. Daza

KEY WORDS: vitamin E, pigs, fatty acid, digestibility, monounsaturated fatty acids

PAGE: 429–443

AUTHORS: Y.-L. Yin, Z.-Y. Deng, H.-L. Huang, T.J. Li and H.-Y. Zhong

KEY WORDS: pigs, enzymes, rice bran, wheat bran, digestion, performance

PAGE: 445–461

AUTHORS: M. Kasprowicz and A. Frankiewicz

KEY WORDS: pigs, ileal digestibility, fi eld bean, pea

PAGE: 463–473

AUTHORS: A. Mieczkowska, S. Smulikowska and C.V. Nguyen

KEY WORDS: white lupin, enzyme supplementation, nutrient digestibility, digesta viscosity, broiler chickens

PAGE: 475–486

AUTHORS: D. Józefiak, A. Rutkowski, M. Frątczak and D. Boros

KEY WORDS: broiler chicken, cereals, non-starch polysaccharides, microbial enzymes, caeca, short-chain fatty acids

PAGE: 487–496

AUTHORS: F. Fru Nji, E. Niess and E. Pfeffer

KEY WORDS: Bambara groundnut, Vigna subterranea, nutrients, broiler, egg quality, metabolizable energy

PAGE: 497–507

AUTHORS: S. Tarhan and M. Sezer

KEY WORDS: poultry, quail, feed conversion, animal modelling

PAGE: 509–518

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