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AUTHORS: Y.-L. Yin, Z.-Y. Deng, H.-L. Huang and Z.-P. Hou

KEY WORDS: carbohydrate, pig, nutrition, health

PAGE: 523−538

AUTHORS: S. Dänicke, T. Goyarts, H. Valenta, E. Razzazi and J. Böhm

KEY WORDS: pig, deoxynivalenol, metabolism, performance, nutrient utilization

PAGE: 539−556

AUTHORS: D. Val-Arreola, E. Kebreab, J.A.N. Mills and J. France

KEY WORDS: small-scale dairy systems, calving pattern, linear programming, Markov chain

PAGE: 557−573

AUTHORS: E.M. Aregheore and I. Rokomatu

KEY WORDS: season, guinea grass, Fiji Fantastic sheep, chemical composition, DMI, ADG, digestibility

PAGE: 575−587

AUTHORS: G. Holtrop, F. Yu, R.L. Coop, L.A. Bruce, G.E. Lobley and J.C. MacRae

KEY WORDS: endogenous secretions, mathematical models, digestive tract, sheep, parasites, stable isotopes

PAGE: 589−613

AUTHORS: K. Romanowicz, T. Misztal, B. Barcikowski and A. Madej

KEY WORDS: prolactin, genistein, intracerebroventricular, ewe

PAGE: 605−613

AUTHORS: A. Chmurzyńska, M. Maćkowski, M. Szydłowski, J. Melonek, M. Kamyczek, R. Eckert, M. Różycki and M. Świtoński

KEY WORDS: A-FABP, LEPR, microsatellite, QTL, pig, fatness

PAGE: 615−624

AUTHORS: I.-T. Yu, Ch.-Ch. Ju, J. Lin, H.-L. Wu and H.-T. Yen

KEY WORDS: probiotics, organic selenium, growth, immune, pig

PAGE: 625−634

AUTHORS: R. Fink, A.-H. Tauson, A. Chwalibog, N.E. Hansen, N.B. Kristensen and S. Wamberg

KEY WORDS: mink, carbohydrate supply, nutrient oxidation, milk yield, pre-weaning kit growth, nitrogen excretion

PAGE: 647–664

AUTHORS: M. Flis, A. Maślanek, Z. Zduńczyk and J. Juśkiewicz

KEY WORDS: naked oats, wheat, hulled barley, β-glucanase, protein utilization, caecal fermentation, rats

PAGE: 665−676

AUTHORS: S.M. Rutherfurd, T.K. Chung and P.J. Moughan

KEY WORDS: phytase, phytate, amino acid, in vitro degradation

PAGE: 677−690

AUTHORS: V. Koukolová, M.R. Weisbjerg, T. Hvelplund, P. Lund and B. Čermák

KEY WORDS: DNDF, effective degradability, fibre, forage, INDF, NDF, potential degradability, rate of degradation

PAGE: 691−708

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