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AUTHORS: K. Seeling and S. Dänicke

KEY WORDS: deoxynivalenol, zearalenone, ruminants

PAGE: 3–40

AUTHORS: B. Rejduch, M. Różycki and A. Kozubska-Sobocińska

KEY WORDS: pigs, genes, QTLs, meatiness, carcass quality

PAGE: 41–51

AUTHORS: H. Lapierre, C.L. Girard, J.J. Matte and G.E. Lobley

KEY WORDS: dairy cow, lactation, folic acid, rumen-protected methionine, leucine, kinetics

PAGE: 53–62

AUTHORS: E. Kebreab, J. France, J.D. Sutton, L.A. Crompton and D.E. Beever

KEY WORDS: dairy cows, phosphorus metabolism, pollution, energy intake, protein supplements

PAGE: 63–77

AUTHORS: Z. Čerešňáková, M. Chrenková, J. Kopčeková, A. Sommer and R. Žitňan

KEY WORDS: maize grain, grain processing, starch, in sacco degradability, intestinal digestibility, rumen fermentation

PAGE: 79–91

AUTHORS: A. Mieczkowska and S. Smulikowska

KEY WORDS: white lupin, broiler chickens, n-3 PUFA, tallow, lard, soya oil, rapeseed oil

PAGE: 93–107

AUTHORS: B. Szymczyk and P.M. Pisulewski

KEY WORDS: CLA, vitamin E, egg yolk lipids, fatty acid profile, cholesterol

PAGE: 109–123


AUTHORS: B.J. Chae, J.D. Lohakare, J.Y. Choi, K.N. Han, J.S. Yong, H.K. Won, Y.H. Park and T.-W. Hahn

KEY WORDS: vitamin E, growth, broiler, polyethylene glycol, immunity, bone

PAGE: 125–138

AUTHORS: T.-W. Hahn, J.D. Lohakare, Y.H. Shim, K.N. Han1, H.K. Won, Y.H. Park and B.J. Chae

KEY WORDS: vitamin C, growth, immunity, broiler, bone, polyethylene glycol

PAGE: 139–150C

AUTHORS: D. Gogol, J. Koreleski and K. Żyła

KEY WORDS: broilers, Aspergillus niger mycelium, phytase, probiotic, antibiotic, P, Ca, retention

PAGE: 151–160

AUTHORS: R. Herich, A. Lauková, V. Strompfová, V. Revajová, M. Levkut and J. Pistl

KEY WORDS: enterococci, Salmonella, PCR, chicken

PAGE: 161–170

AUTHORS: D. Józefiak, Z. Krejpcio, K. Trojanowska, R. Wojciak, M. Tubacka, D. Śmigiel-Papińska and A. Rutkowski

KEY WORDS: rat, inulin, intake, excreta, caecum, microflora, volatile fatty acids

PAGE: 171–178

AUTHORS: E. Święch and L. Buraczewska

KEY WORDS: pigs, rats, in vitro, ileal digestibility, endogenous losses, amino acids

PAGE: 179–191

AUTHORS: C.D.K. Rubanza, M.N Shem, R. Otsyina, S.S Bakengesa, T. Ichinohe and T. Fujihara

KEY WORDS: browse, phenolics, tannins, in vitro gas production, PEG, bioassay

PAGE: 193–210

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