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AUTHORS: M. Samiec

KEY WORDS: mitochondrial DNA, intraspecies cloning, interspecies cloning, nuclear transfer, epigenetic reprogramming, chromatin remodeling

PAGE: 393–422

AUTHORS: W. Jagusiak

KEY WORDS: dairy cattle, fertility, genetic parameters, linear animal model

PAGE: 423–433

AUTHORS: W. Jagusiak

KEY WORDS: dairy cattle, fertility, genetic parameters, linear animal model

PAGE: 435–444

AUTHORS: F. Brzóska

KEY WORDS: vegetable oils, cows, milk composition, fatty acids, CLA

PAGE: 445–459

AUTHORS: J. Broucek, S. Mihina, P. Kisac, A. Hanus, M. Uhrincat, V. Foltys, S. Marencak and F. Benc

KEY WORDS: heifers, rearing, housing, sire, calving season, cow performance

PAGE: 461–481

AUTHORS: P. Mijić, I. Knežević, M. Domaćinović, A. Ivanković and Z. Ivkić

KEY WORDS: milk, somatic cell count, machine milking, cow

PAGE: 483–490

AUTHORS: J. Komisarek, J. Szyda, A. Michalak and Z. Dorynek

KEY WORDS: cattle, breeding value, leptin gene, milk traits, polymorphism

PAGE: 491–500

AUTHORS: A.A. Mohammed, J. Karasiewicz, K. Papis and J.A. Modliński

KEY WORDS: bovine follicular fluid, in vitro maturation, in vitro insemination, cleavage, blastocyst rate

PAGE: 501–512

AUTHORS: R. Link, G. Kováč and J. Pistl

KEY WORDS: pig, probiotics, antibiotics, performance

PAGE: 513–519

AUTHORS: I.A. Giannenas, P. Florou-Paneri, N.A. Botsoglou, E. Christaki and A.B. Spais

KEY WORDS: oregano plants, broilers, nutrition, performance, oxidative stability, chicken meat

PAGE: 521–535

AUTHORS: R. Kalavathy, W. Abdullah, S. Jalaludin, C.M.V.L. Wong and Y.W. Ho

KEY WORDS: probiotics, Lactobacillus, laying hens, performance, egg quality

PAGE: 537–547

AUTHORS: A. Mazanowski, Z. Bernacki and T. Kisiel

KEY WORDS: goose, crossbred, reproductive traits, egg traits, composition of egg

PAGE: 549–560

AUTHORS: B. Wardęcka, K. Jaszczak, R. Parada, M. Korczak and G. Zięba

KEY WORDS: divergent selection, chicken, axial skeleton defects, GH polymorphisms

PAGE: 561–570

AUTHORS: K. Jaszczak, J. Książkiewicz, R. Parada and M. Sacharczuk

KEY WORDS: embryos, chromosome abnormalities, conservative flock, ducks

PAGE: 571–575

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