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AUTHORS: M. Bogacki, M. Wasielak and A. Zięcik

KEY WORDS: pig, pregnancy, cytokines, adhesion molecules

PAGE: 581–594

AUTHORS: G. Torzyński, A. Wolc and T. Szwaczkowski

KEY WORDS: half-bred horses, maternal effects, heritability, conformation traits

PAGE: 581–594

AUTHORS: D. Val-Arreola, E. Kebreab, J.A.N. Mills and J. France

KEY WORDS: small-scale dairy systems, linear programming, forage quality

PAGE: 607–624

AUTHORS: B. Liker, L. Bačar-Huskić, M. Knežević, V. Rupić, N. Vranešić, Ž. Romić, D. Grbeša, D. Mačešić, J. Leto, Z. Antunović  and Ž. Krnić

KEY WORDS: cows, gestation, rumen-protected methionine, biochemical values, haematological values

PAGE: 625–638

AUTHORS: U. Serbester, M. Görgülü, H.R. Kutlu, S. Yurtseven, A. Arieli and Z.M. Kowalski

KEY WORDS: heat stress, protected fat, fish meal, sprinkler+fan, cooling

PAGE: 639–653

AUTHORS: J.L. Jacobs, F. Diez-Gonzalez, M.D. Stern and R.L. Phillips

KEY WORDS: Zea mays, genetically modified, rumen digestion, Bt maize, cattle, Cry1Ab protein

PAGE: 655–664

AUTHORS: G. Skiba, S. Raj, D. Weremko and H. Fandrejewski

KEY WORDS: weaning pigs, alimentary tract, feed intake, grass meal, fibre

PAGE: 665–674

AUTHORS: S. Raj, G. Skiba, D. Weremko and H. Fandrejewski

KEY WORDS: pig, fibre, compensatory growth, gastrointestinal tract

PAGE: 665–674

AUTHORS: Ş.C. Bölükbaşi and M.K. Erhan

KEY WORDS: conjugated linoleic acid, laying hen, fatty acid composition, egg quality

PAGE: 685–693

AUTHORS: D. Józefiak, S. Kaczmarek, A. Rutkowski, A. Józefiak, B.B. Jensen and R.M. Engberg

KEY WORDS: broiler chicken, barley, non-starch polysaccharides, β-glucanase, fermentation

PAGE: 695–704

AUTHORS: J. Koreleski and S. Świątkiewicz

KEY WORDS: broilers, cholecalciferol, 25-OH-D3, limestone form, performance, tibia bones, calcium, phosphorus

PAGE: 665–674

AUTHORS: C. Yong, U. Halekoh, H. Jørgensen and C. Lauridsen

KEY WORDS: preference test, diet choice, organic food, conventional food, rats

PAGE: 715–726

AUTHORS: S. Andrés, A. Calleja, R. Peláez, A.R. Mantecón and F.J. Giráldez

KEY WORDS: degradability, residues, chemical composition, NIRS, forages

PAGE: 727–736

AUTHORS: ChL. Xu, Ch. Pen, K. Hao, Z. Jin, X. Chu and L.Wang

KEY WORDS: coupling, medroxyprogesterone acetate, animal tissues, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

PAGE: 737–751

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