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AUTHORS: J. Třináctý, L. Křížová, S. Hadrová, O. Hanuš, B. Janštová, L. Vorlová and M. Dračková

KEY WORDS: amino acids, protein, rumen protection, dairy cow, lactation, milk, fatty acids

PAGE: 3–15

AUTHORS: A. Cerdeño, C. Vieira, E. Serrano and A.R. Mantecón

KEY WORDS: milk feeding, Brown Swiss cattle, performance, carcass quality, meat quality

PAGE: 17–24

AUTHORS: L. Buraczewska, E. Święch and L. Le Bellego

KEY WORDS: digestible threonine, nitrogen balance, pig performance

PAGE: 25–36

AUTHORS: M. Pieszka, P. Paściak, A. Janik, T. Barowicz, D. Wojtysiak and W. Migdał

KEY WORDS: β-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, CLA, pigs, meat

PAGE: 37–45

AUTHORS: V. Sileikiene, G. Diebold, M. Tafaj and R. Mosenthin

KEY WORDS: early-weaned piglets, brush border enzymes, pancreatic enzymes, xylanase, phospholipase

PAGE: 47–55

AUTHORS: M. Wrzeska, A. Żyga, B. Rejduch and E. Słota

KEY WORDS: pigs, IGF2 gene, imprinting, SWC9 marker, RT-PCR, expression

PAGE: 57–60

AUTHORS: J.F. Jiang, Z.R. Xu, Y.Z. Wang, X.Y. Han and L.Wang

KEY WORDS: C/EBPα, transcription factor, gene expression, fat deposition, pigs

PAGE: 61–70

AUTHORS: R.M. Bennett, R.H. Phipps and A.M. Strange

KEY WORDS: life-cycle assessment, GM maize, environmental effects, poultry

PAGE: 71–82

AUTHORS: L.T. Ortiz, C. Alzueta, A. Rebolé, M.L. Rodríguez, I. Arija and A. Brenes

KEY WORDS: broiler, high-oleic acid sunflower seed, sunflower seed, meat, adipose tissue, fatty acids

PAGE: 17–24

AUTHORS: J. Sales and G.P.J. Janssens

KEY WORDS: ash, digestibility, seeds, granivorous birds

PAGE: 97–102

AUTHORS: P.M. Pisulewski, M. Franczyk, R.B. Kostogrys, B. Lorkowska, M. Bartuś and S. Chłopicki

KEY WORDS: spontaneous hypertensive rats (SHR), hypercholesterolaemia, inflammation, endothelial functions, atherosclerosis

PAGE: 103–114


KEY WORDS: stable carbon isotope, small mammal, C3/C4 plant dominance, vegetation composition, alpine meadow, Tibetan Plateau

PAGE: 115–120

AUTHORS: Z.Y. Duan, W.J. Yan, Y.M. Wu, J.A. Ye and J.X. Liu

KEY WORDS: gas production in vitro, syringe system, RPT system

PAGE: 121–129

AUTHORS: K. Korniluk, M. Czauderna, J. Kowalczyk, A. Mieczkowska, M. Taciak and Ľ. Leng

KEY WORDS: conjugated linoleic acid isomers, selenium, cholesterol, liver, blood plasma, fatty acids, rats

PAGE: 131–146

AUTHORS: J.K. Wang, J.X. Liu, Y.M. Wu and J.A. Ye

KEY WORDS: rice straw, chemical treatment, physical properties, straw digestion

PAGE: 147–157

AUTHORS: Ch.L. Xu, Ch.F. Peng, L. Liu, L. Wang, Z.Y. Jin and X.G. Chu

KEY WORDS: hexoestrol, ELISA, immunoassay

PAGE: 159–171

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