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AUTHORS: A. Pieńkowska-Schelling, M. Bugno, M. Owczarek-Lipska, C. Schelling and E. Słota

KEY WORDS: horse, chromosome painting, microdissection, sex chromosomes

PAGE: 173–178

AUTHORS: H. Magaña-Sevilla and C.A. Sandoval-Castro

KEY WORDS: milk yield, secretion rate, dual purpose cow

PAGE: 179–186

AUTHORS: T. Strabel and J. Jamrozik

KEY WORDS: accuracy of evaluation, dairy cattle, genetic value, random regressions, test day model

PAGE: 187–193

AUTHORS: S. Kamiński, A. Ruść and A. Cieślińska

KEY WORDS: Holstein cattle, beta-casein, polymorphism, casomorphin

PAGE: 195–198

AUTHORS: K. Männer and O. Simon

KEY WORDS: sows, microbial phytase, apparent digestibility, phosphorus, calcium

PAGE: 199–211

AUTHORS: Y.G. Kim, J.D. Lohakare and B.J. Chae

KEY WORDS: piglets, growth rate, nutrient digestibility, fermented soya protein

PAGE: 213–224

AUTHORS: P. Urbański, M. Pierzchała, M. Kamyczek, M. Różycki and J. Kurył

KEY WORDS: MYOD1, MYF5, pig, carcass meatiness

PAGE: 225–235

AUTHORS: S. Smulikowska, A. Mieczkowska, J. Czerwiński, D. Weremko and C.V. Nguyen

KEY WORDS: rapeseed cake, phytase, P availability, broiler chickens, performance, thyroids

PAGE: 237–252

AUTHORS: S. Świątkiewicz and J. Koreleski

KEY WORDS: maize DDGS, laying hens, laying performance, egg quality, yolk colour

PAGE: 253–260

AUTHORS: C.C. Sieo, N. Abdullah, W.S. Tan and Y.W. Ho

KEY WORDS: chickens, β-glucanase, in vivo enzyme activity, persistence, β-glucanase-producing Lactobacillus

PAGE: 261–274

AUTHORS: L. Nogowski, K. Szkudelska, T. Szkudelski and E. Pruszyńska-Oszmałek

KEY WORDS: genistein, hormones, metabolism, pregnancy

PAGE: 275–286

AUTHORS: P. Hanczakowski and B. Szymczyk

KEY WORDS: rat, saturated fatty acids, serum lipids

PAGE: 287–294

AUTHORS: Ch.L. Xu, H.Y. Yao, L.Q. Liu, Z.Y. Jin and G. Yao

KEY WORDS: porcine somatotropin (PST); liposome; growth rate; rats; sustained-release

PAGE: 295–303

AUTHORS: M.O’Brien, P.O’Kiely, P.D. Forristal and H.T. Fuller

KEY WORDS: baled silage, sampling, mould, yeasts, propagules

PAGE: 305–311

AUTHORS: K. Krawielitzki, Th. Schmidt, J. Voigt, J. Kowalczyk and M. Gabel

KEY WORDS: rumen, microbial contamination, crude protein degradation, nylon-bag method, 15N marker

PAGE: 313–328

AUTHORS: X. Liu and L. Han

KEY WORDS: near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS), straw, silage, chemical composition

PAGE: 329–336

AUTHORS: R. Zasadny and K. Kwiatek

KEY WORDS: insoluble impurities, tallow, insoluble solids, Regulation 1774/2002/EC

PAGE: 337–344

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