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AUTHORS: F. Brzóska

KEY WORDS: linseed oil, CSFA, cows, milk production, fat, protein, fatty acids

PAGE: 347–360

AUTHORS: V. Kudrna and M. Marounek

KEY WORDS: milk yield, milk fat, fatty acids, oilseeds, soyabean

PAGE: 361–370

AUTHORS: W. Jagusiak

KEY WORDS: dairy cattle, fertility, genetic correlations, linear animal model

PAGE: 371–380

AUTHORS: M. Jank, L. Zwierzchowski, E. Siadkowska, M. Budasz-Świderska, T. Sadkowski, J. Oprządek and T. Motyl

KEY WORDS: cattle, myostatin, gene expression, polymorphism, skeletal muscle, TGF-β1

PAGE: 381–391

AUTHORS: G. Skiba, St. Raj, D. Weremko and H. Fandrejewski

KEY WORDS: pig, compensatory growth, dietary fibre, voluntary feed intake

PAGE: 393–402

AUTHORS: G. Skiba, St. Raj, D. Weremko and H. Fandrejewski

KEY WORDS: pig, compensatory growth, composition of daily gain, body composition, dietary fibre

PAGE: 403–415

AUTHORS: A. Daza, A. Olivares and C. López-Bote

KEY WORDS: compensatory growth, corporal traits, fatty acids profile, climate

PAGE: 417–426

AUTHORS: R.M.L. de Campos, E. Hierro, J.A. Ordóńez, T.M. Bertol and L. de la Hoz

KEY WORDS: pig, pork leg, backfat, fatty acids, maize, rice bran

PAGE: 427–433

AUTHORS: V. Petrovič, K. Boldižárová, Š. Faix, M. Mellen, H. Arpášová and Ľ. Leng

KEY WORDS: poultry, selenium, lipid peroxidation, antioxidant, enzyme

PAGE: 435–444

AUTHORS: S. Smulikowska, J. Czerwiński and A. Mieczkowska

KEY WORDS: rapeseed expeller cake, dry extrusion, metabolizable energy, broiler chickens, antinutritional factors

PAGE: 445–453

AUTHORS: H. Kontecka, S. Nowaczewski, J. Książkiewicz and A. Rosiński

KEY WORDS: vitamin C, duck, duckling, haematological indices, hatchability

PAGE: 455–462

AUTHORS: K. Jaszczak, T. Malewski, R. Parada and H. Malec

KEY WORDS: homeobox genes, exencephaly, chicken embryos

PAGE: 463–469

AUTHORS: K.M. Niedźwiedzka, I. Wąsowska, M. Czauderna, J. Kowalczyk and B. Pastuszewska

KEY WORDS: CLA isomers, fatty acids, Se, Zn, Fe, Ca, Mg, blood plasma, rat tissue

PAGE: 471–489

AUTHORS: Ø. Ahlstrøm, A.-H. Tauson, A.L. Frydendahl Hellwing, L.T. Mydland and A. Skrede

KEY WORDS: bacterial protein, growth, purine derivatives, mink, fur

PAGE: 491–504

AUTHORS: S. Tang, Z. Tan, C. Zhou, H. Jiang, Y. Jiang and L. Sheng

KEY WORDS: maize stover, gas technique, ruminants

PAGE: 505–515

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