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AUTHORS: L. Kątska-Książkiewicz

KEY WORDS: pig, oocyte, IVM, IVF, embryo culture

PAGE: 525–542

AUTHORS: J. Skipor and N. Einer-Jensen

KEY WORDS: carotid rete, cavernous sinus, local transfer, nasal administration, pheromones

PAGE: 543–553

AUTHORS: W. Jagusiak

KEY WORDS: dairy cattle, fertility, type traits, genetic correlations, linear animal model

PAGE: 555–567

AUTHORS: A. Sobeková, K. Holovská, V. Lenártová, K. Holovská Jr. , P. Javorský, K. Boldižárová, Ľ. Grešáková and Ľ. Leng

KEY WORDS: lamb, sodium selenite, Se-yeast, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase

PAGE: 569–577

AUTHORS: A. Wójcik-Gładysz, K. Romanowicz, T. Misztal and J. Polkowska

KEY WORDS: genistein, FSH, ovariectomy, ewes

PAGE: 579–589

AUTHORS: St. Raj, G. Skiba, D. Weremko and H. Fandrejewski

KEY WORDS: pig, fibre, apparent digestibility, energy, nutrients

PAGE: 591–598

AUTHORS: Y.L. Hu, C.L. Xu, Y.Z. Wang, Y.J. Li, J.X. Liu and J. Feng

KEY WORDS: Astragalus, growth performance, immunity, pigs

PAGE: 599–607

AUTHORS: C.L. Xu, Y.Z. Wang, J.X. Liu, G.J. Yao and J. Feng

KEY WORDS: lactoferrin, lipid peroxidation, antioxidant enzyme, piglet

PAGE: 609–620

AUTHORS: T.Z. Shan, Y.Z. Wang, Y.J. Liu, J.X. Liu, J. Feng and Z.R. Xu

KEY WORDS: lipoprotein lipase, gene expression, fat deposition, pig

PAGE: 621–629

AUTHORS: J. Koreleski and S. Świątkiewicz

KEY WORDS: broiler chicken, breast meat, frozen storage, fatty acids, fish oil, rapeseed oil, α-tocopherol, TBA-RS

PAGE: 631–640

AUTHORS: E. Sosin, F. Borowiec, J. Strzetelski and S. Smulikowska

KEY WORDS: regular linseed, modified linseed, egg yolk, fatty acids, PUFA, DHA

PAGE: 641–650

AUTHORS: J. Czerwiński, H. Leontowicz, M. Leontowicz and R. Krzemiński

KEY WORDS: lectin, pancreas, amylase activity, trypsin activity, agglutination, rats

PAGE: 651–659

AUTHORS: X.F. Yi and Y.Q. Yang

KEY WORDS: stable carbon isotope, stable nitrogen isotope, plateau pikas, altitudinal gradients, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

PAGE: 661–667

AUTHORS: X.L. Dong, Q.X. Meng and Y.Q. Xiong

KEY WORDS: high oil maize stover, silage, ensiling gas, Propionibacterium acidipropionici, buffered propionic acid, aerobic stability

PAGE: 669–683

AUTHORS: M. Szydłowski

KEY WORDS: multilocus linkage analysis, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, MCMC samplers, identity by descent

PAGE: 685–694

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