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AUTHORS: C. Castillo, J.L. Benedito, V. Pereira, J. Sotillo, A. Suárez, J. Méndez, P. Vázquez and J. Hernández

KEY WORDS: ground grain, pelleted grain, blood parameters, feedlot, bull calves

PAGE: 483–492

AUTHORS: H.H. Titi, Y.L. Hasan, K. Al-Ismail, H. Zakaria, M.J. Tabbaa, A.Y. Abdullah and B.S. Obeidat

KEY WORDS: goat, kids, soyabean oil, sunflower oil, milk production, milk composition, fatty acid profile, CLA

PAGE: 493–508

AUTHORS: S.K. George, A.K. Verma, U.R. Mehra, M.T. Dipu and P. Singh

KEY WORDS: goats, feed intake, purine metabolites, microbial nitrogen, spot urine, creatinine index

PAGE: 509–525

AUTHORS: B. Kowalik, T. Michałowski, J.J. Pająk, M. Taciak and M. Zalewska

KEY WORDS: yeast, rumen, protozoa, carboxymethyl cellulase, xylan, amylase, VFA, NDF, goat

PAGE: 526–536

AUTHORS: S. Milewski and B. Zaleska

KEY WORDS: lambs, brewer’s yeast, prebiotic, meat quality

PAGE: 537–545

AUTHORS: X. Li, M. Wen and K.-N. Wang

KEY WORDS: Tremella fuciformis ferment substance, growth performance, fat deposition, blood lipids, fatty acid synthase, acetyl CoA carboxylase, pigs

PAGE: 546–555

AUTHORS: E. Hanczakowska1,3, A. Szewczyk1 and K. Okoń

KEY WORDS: medium-chain fatty acids, caprylic acid, capric acid, ileum epithelium structure, feed improvement, piglets

PAGE: 556–565

AUTHORS: Y.G. Liu and X.H. Xia

KEY WORDS: pig, CDK20 gene, SNP, litter size, reproduction

PAGE: 566–574

AUTHORS: K. Özek, K.T. Wellmann, B. Ertekin and B. Tarım

KEY WORDS: heat stress, essential oils, organic acid, performance, immunity, laying hens

PAGE: 575–586

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