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AUTHORS: H. Wierzbicki, J. Peura, A. Filistowicz and P. Przysiecki

KEY WORDS: arctic fox, bio-economic model, economic weight, fur coat trait, litter size

PAGE: 140–152

AUTHORS: K. Korniluk, M. Czauderna and J. Kowalczyk

KEY WORDS: CLA isomers, high-selenized yeast, fatty acids, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, rats

PAGE: 121–139

AUTHORS: B. Sińska, B. Sotowska, D. Rosołowska-Huszcz, M. Markowska, M. Bożentowicz, K. Skwarło-Sońta and J. Gromadzka-Ostrowska

KEY WORDS: nutrition, vitamin E, cholesterol, HPA, HPT, immunity

PAGE: 109–120

AUTHORS: J.K. Kagya-Agyemang, G. Takyi-Boampong, M. Adjei and F.R. Karikari-Bonsu

KEY WORDS: Gliricidia sepium, nutritive value, broilers, growth performance

PAGE: 104–108

AUTHORS: J. Wang and H. Zhou

KEY WORDS: meat duck, feed additive, performance, herbs

PAGE: 96–103

AUTHORS: F.F. Han, Y.Z. Wang, J. Feng, J. Guo and Z.R. Xu

KEY WORDS: Protegrin-1, piglet, gene expression, weaning, day-age, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)

PAGE: 86–95

AUTHORS: N.F. Wang, Q. Chen, G.W. Le, Y.H. Shi and J. Sun

KEY WORDS: piglets, fermented-soyabean meal, Lactobacillus plantarum, intestinal microflora,intestinal morphology, growth performance

PAGE: 75–85

AUTHORS: I.T. Yu, Y.T. King, S.L. Chen, S.C. Wang, Y.H. Chang and H.T. Yen

KEY WORDS: leucine, conjugated linoleic acids, intramuscular fat, pig

PAGE: 65–74

AUTHORS: J.K. Htoo, W.C. Sauer, B.A. Araiza, M. Cervantes, S.F. Liao and Y. Zhang

KEY WORDS: pigs, phosphorus, nitrogen, balance, low-phytate barley

PAGE: 53–64

AUTHORS: P. Klein, J. Moravcová, T. Kleinová, Z. Volek and V. Skřivanová

KEY WORDS: intestinal permeability, calves, lactulose/mannitol test, gas liquid chromatography, Indomethacin

PAGE: 43–52

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