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AUTHORS: J. Strzetelski, J. Kowalczyk, J. and K. Bilik

KEY WORDS: Simmental heifer, feeding level, condition, fatness, reproduction, milk yield

PAGE: 155–167

AUTHORS: E. Serrano, A. Cornu, N. Kondjoyan, G. Figueredo, J. Agabriel and D. Micol

KEY WORDS: calves, meat, biomarkers, grass feeding, terpenes,oils

PAGE: 168–179

AUTHORS: P. Wójcik

KEY WORDS: dairy cattle, udder conformation, housing systems, somatic cells

PAGE: 180–192

AUTHORS: A. Sechman, M. Pieszka, J. Rząsa, W. Migdał, D. Wojtysiak, H. Pustkowiak, B. Živković and P. Paściak

KEY WORDS: fatteners, CLA, blood plasma, fatty acids, lipid indicators, thyroid hormones

PAGE: 193–204

AUTHORS: Q. Chen, G.W. Le, Y.H. Shi, Sh.M. Zhang and X. Jin

KEY WORDS: piglet, FeSO4, colon, permeability, antioxidation enzyme

PAGE: 205–213

AUTHORS: C. Alzueta, L.T. Ortiz, M.L. Rodríguez, A. Rebolé and J. Treviño

KEY WORDS: broilers, palm oil, high-oleic acid sunflower seed, fat, fatty acids, digestibility, metabolizable energy, synergism

PAGE: 214–224

AUTHORS: M. Fabijańska, D. Gruszecka, I. Kosieradzka, A. Mieczkowska and S. Smulikowska

KEY WORDS: triticale, Agrotriticum, xylanase, β-glucanase, digesta viscosity, nutrient digestibility, broiler chickens

PAGE: 225–231

AUTHORS: G. Shu, P. Gao, X.T. Zhu, Q.Y. Jiang, P.W. Xu, G.X. Zhou, F.W. Sun and W.L. Fu

KEY WORDS: glycyl-glutamine, lipid metabolism, growth performance, Yue-Huang broiler

PAGE: 205–213

AUTHORS: F. Brzóska, S. Buluchevskij, K. Stecka and B. Śliwiński

KEY WORDS: broiler chicken, lactic acid bacteria, mannan oligosaccharide, fumaric acid, performance, slaughter yield, digestive tract microbiota

PAGE: 241–251

AUTHORS: D. Józefiak, S. Kaczmarek, M. Bochenek and A. Rutkowski

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, feed supplementation, benzoic acid, intestinal microflora

PAGE: 252–256

AUTHORS: K.M. Niedźwiedzka, K. Korniluk, J. Kowalczyk and M. Czauderna

KEY WORDS: CLA isomers, selenate, high-selenized yeast, fatty acids, amino acids, blood plasma, rat

PAGE: 257–273

AUTHORS: L. Nogowski, E. Nowicka, T. Szkudelski and K. Szkudelska

KEY WORDS: genistein, insulin, leptin, metabolism, rat

PAGE: 274–282

AUTHORS: T.Z. Shan, Y.Z. Wang, G.F. Liu and H.Q. Huang

KEY WORDS: porcine lactoferrin, N-lobe, recombinant, antibacterial activity, Pichia methanolica

PAGE: 205–213

AUTHORS: A. Moharrery and A. Kargar

KEY WORDS: liver enzymes, plasma hormones, neural network, body weight, feed conversion

PAGE: 293–304

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