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AUTHORS: L. Kątska-Książkiewicz

KEY WORDS: mammalian sperm, capacitation, acrosomal reaction, molecular mechanisms

PAGE: 311–328

AUTHORS: J. Broucek, S. Ryba, S. Mihina, M. Uhrincat and P. Kisac

KEY WORDS: dairy cows, milk yield, heat stress, breed, evaporative cooling

PAGE: 329–344

AUTHORS: L. Křížová, M. Richter, J. Třináctý, J. Šterc and S. Hadrová

KEY WORDS: dairy cows, duodenum, soluble nitrogen fractions, free amino acids

PAGE: 345–356

AUTHORS: E. Ptak, P. Brzozowski, W. Jagusiak and K. Zdziarski

KEY WORDS: somatic cell score (SCS), genetic parameters, random regression model, Legendre polynomials

PAGE: 357–369

AUTHORS: A.M. Duszewska, J. Wojdan, W. Gawron, E. Wenta-Muchalska, B. Waś, A. Wiśniewska and Z. Reklewski

KEY WORDS: Vero, BRL, embryos, co-culture, cattle

PAGE: 370–379

AUTHORS: X.G. Zhao, H.L. Jiang, Z.H. Sun, S.X. Tang, C.S. Zhou, Z.H. Cong, G.O. Tayo and Z.L. Tan

KEY WORDS: rice straw, digestibility, efficiencyofmicrobialproteinsynthesis,Nbalance,goat

PAGE: 379–388

AUTHORS: G. Jalilvand, A. Naserian, N.E. Odongo, E. Kebreab, R. Valizadeh, F. Eftekhar Shahrodi and J. France

KEY WORDS: abomasal infusion, cottonseed oil, kemzyme enzyme, feed intake, digestion, milk production, dairy goat

PAGE: 389–396

AUTHORS: Y. Wang, Y.J. Chen, J.H. Cho, J.S. Yoo, Q. Wang, Y. Huang, H.J. Kim and I.H. Kim

KEY WORDS: herb, coral, IgG, cortisol, meat quality, pigs

PAGE: 397–407

AUTHORS: A. Daza, D. Menoyo, A. Olivares, G. Cordero and C.J. López-Bote

KEY WORDS: fat, free-range, confinementfeeding,fattyacidprofile,rheologicalproperties,Iberian pig

PAGE: 408–419

AUTHORS: J. Heger, L. Křížová, M. Šustala, S. Nitrayová, P. Patráš and D. Hampel

KEY WORDS: pigs, threonine, individual response, efficiency of utilization, requirement

PAGE: 420–432

AUTHORS: B. Zuo, H. Yang, J. Wang, M.G. Lei and Y.Z. Xiong

KEY WORDS: acyl-CoA oxidase 1, palmitoyl, peroxisomal (ACOX1), SNP, fat deposition, pig

PAGE: 433–444

AUTHORS: M. Słupecka and J. Woliński

KEY WORDS: ghrelin, proliferation, small intestine, piglets

PAGE: 445–451

AUTHORS: T.C. Loh, F.L. Law, H.L. Foo, Y.M. Goh and I. Zulkifli

KEY WORDS: fermented product, layer, egg, lactic acid bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae

PAGE: 452–462

AUTHORS: J. Koreleski and S. Świątkiewicz

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, meat, plant extracts, synthetic antioxidants, pigments, fatty acids, α-tocopherol, TBA-RS

PAGE: 463–471

AUTHORS: R.J. Frączek, E. Kostyra, H. Kostyra  and S. Krawczuk

KEY WORDS: pea protein, immunonogenic properties, glycoproteins

PAGE: 472–484

AUTHORS: T.L. Dayananda, R. Nagpal, A.K. Puniya, J.P. Sehgal and K. Singh

KEY WORDS: anaerobic fungi, wheat straw, biodegradation, urea-NH3 treatment

PAGE: 484–489

AUTHORS: M. Natonek-Wiśniewska1 and E. Słota

KEY WORDS: poultry meal, feather meal, blood meal, BSE, PCR

PAGE: 490–496

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