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KEY WORDS: aromatic lignin, cellulosic compound, cellular, feed quality, molecular structural make-up, synchrotron, PCA, AHCA

PAGE: 505–525

AUTHORS: E. Skotarczak, K. Moliński, T. Szwaczkowski and A. Dobek

KEY WORDS: horses, major gene, segregation analysis, twins

PAGE: 526–537

AUTHORS: A.R. Bayat, M. Rinne, H. Khalili, R. Valizadeh and P. Huhtanen

KEY WORDS: steady-state model, indigestible NDF, ruminal digesta kinetics, legume, particle breakdown, passage rate

PAGE: 538–554

AUTHORS: M. Zymon and J. Strzetelski

KEY WORDS: calves, fi sh oil, linseed, meat quality

PAGE: 555–564

AUTHORS: A. Kozubska-Sobocińska, T. Ząbek, E. Słota and U. Kaczor

KEY WORDS: comparative cytogenetics, Bovidae, Cervidae, G-banding, microsatellite markers

PAGE: 565–576

AUTHORS: A. Kasperowicz and T. Michałowski

KEY WORDS: rumen treponemes, timothy grass fructan, inulin, fructanolytic enzymes

PAGE: 577–589

AUTHORS: G. Bełżecki, C.J. Newbold, N.R. McEwan, F.M. McIntosh and T. Michałowski

KEY WORDS: rumen ciliates, starch, amylolytic enzymes, amylase genes

PAGE: 505–525

AUTHORS: K.N. Han, Y.X. Yang, T.W. Hahn, I.K. Kwon, J. D. Lohakare, J.K. Lee and B.J. Chae

KEY WORDS: chito-oligosaccharides, performance, pork quality, immunity, growing-fi nishing pigs

PAGE: 607–620

AUTHORS: A. Dunker, A.I. Rey, C.J. López-Bote and A. Daza

KEY WORDS: restriction feeding, productive parameters, carcass quality, fat quality, Iberian pig

PAGE: 621–635

AUTHORS: J. Jura, Z. Smorąg, R. Słomski, D. Lipiński and B. Gajd

KEY WORDS: pig, transgenesis, DNA microinjection, effi ciency

PAGE: 636–645

AUTHORS: L.Bi. Wang, X.Q. Li, Ti M. Huo, Ke Li and Ch.-L. Xu

KEY WORDS: time-resolved fl uoroimmunoassay, clenbuterol, ELISA, liver, pig

PAGE: 646–653

AUTHORS: J. Kucharski, J. Jaroszewski, B. Jana, J. Górska, A. Kozłowska and W. Markiewicz

KEY WORDS: contractile activity, uterus, endometritis, PGF2α, PGE2 - antagonists, gilts

PAGE: 654–667

AUTHORS: S. Świątkiewicz and J. Koreleski

KEY WORDS: laying hens, maize DDGS, rye DDGS, nutrient digestibility, metabolizable energy

PAGE: 668–677

AUTHORS: M. Czauderna, J. Kowalczyk, K. Korniluk and K.M. Niedźwiedzka

KEY WORDS: CLA isomers, fatty acids, selenate, high-selenized yeast, liver, femoral muscles, rats

PAGE: 678–695

AUTHORS: J.N. Gu, W. Chen, T.Q. Yu, P. Lu, X. Mu and J.Q. Xu

KEY WORDS: phosphodiesterase isozymes, gene expression, skeletal muscle, primary cultured myocytes

PAGE: 696–705

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