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AUTHORS: J. Broucek, P. Kisac, M. Uhrincat, A. Hanus and F. Benc

KEY WORDS: dairy calf, temperatures, growth, feed intake, health, housing

PAGE: 139–146

AUTHORS: G.P. Mandal, R.S. Dass, A.K. Garg, V.P. Varshney and A.B. Mondal

KEY WORDS: calves, zinc sulphate, zinc propionate, T3, T4, serum enzymes, serum vitamins

PAGE: 147–156

AUTHORS: B. Kowalik, T. Michałowski, J.J. Pająk, M. Taciak and J. Rawa

KEY WORDS: rumen, protozoa, yeast, carboxymethylocellulase, xylanase, VFA

PAGE: 157–165

AUTHORS: M. Marounek, D. Dušková, O.G. Savka and A. Výborná

KEY WORDS: veal calves, digestion, lipolysis, fat

PAGE: 166–170

AUTHORS: Y. Wang, J.H. Cho, Y.J. Chen, J.S. Yoo, H.J. Kim, Y. Huang, S.O. Shin, T.X. Zhou and I.H. Kim

KEY WORDS: ammonia, digestibility, metal-amino acid chelated minerals, soyabean hulls, odorous, pig

PAGE: 171–181

AUTHORS: Y. Liu, Y. Wang, T. Shan, J. Guo, Ch. Xu and J. Liu

KEY WORDS: pig, FoxO1, gene expression, adipose tissue, fat deposition

PAGE: 182–190

AUTHORS: A. Chmurzynska, J. Cieslak, T. Jankowski, M. Szydlowski and M. Switonski

KEY WORDS: pig, multispecies conserved sequence, enhancer, FABP3, FABP4, fatness, SNP

PAGE: 191–201

AUTHORS: W. Szczurek

KEY WORDS: digestible amino acids, feed enzymes, breast muscle, chemical composition, genotype, broiler chickens

PAGE: 202–214

AUTHORS: Y.J. Chen, I.H. Kim, J.H. Cho, J.S. Yoo, H.J. Kim and S.O. Shin

KEY WORDS: δ-aminolevulinic acid, blood characteristics, immunity, broilers

PAGE: 215–223

AUTHORS: M. Kizerwetter-Świda and M. Binek

KEY WORDS: chicken, embryos, hatching, gastrointestinal microflora

PAGE: 224–232

AUTHORS: D. Mikulski, Z. Zduńczyk, J. Jankowski and J. Juśkiewicz

KEY WORDS: organic acid, herbal extract, performance, gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, turkeys

PAGE: 233–246

AUTHORS: G.S. Jensen, K.M. Patterson2 and I. Yoon

KEY WORDS: nutritional yeast culture, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Escherichia coli, Candida tropicalis, normal flora, antimicrobial

PAGE: 247–252

AUTHORS: Zh. Tian, D.H. Yu, Y.Y. Zhang, J.H. Guo, Ch.F. Peng, Zh.X. Chen and Ch.L. Xu

KEY WORDS: 19-nortestosterone, ELISA, immunoassay

PAGE: 253–267

AUTHORS: M. Czauderna and J. Kowalczyk

KEY WORDS: lactic acid, determination, derivatization, biological samples, HPLC

PAGE: 268–279

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