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AUTHORS: D.J. Daroit and A. Brandelli

KEY WORDS: creatine kinase, skeletal muscle, post-mortem metabolism, meat quality

PAGE: 285–294

AUTHORS: I.N. Prado, R.M. Prado, P.P. Rotta, J.V. Visantainer, J.L. Moletta and D. Perotto

KEY WORDS: cattle, meat quality, Longissimus muscle, chemical composition, fatty acids

PAGE: 295–306

AUTHORS: I.N. Prado, R.H. Ito, J.M. Prado, I.M. Prado, P.P. Rotta, M. Matsushita, J.V. Visentainer and R.R. Silva

KEY WORDS: linseed, soyabean oil, PUFA, meat, bulls

PAGE: 307–317

AUTHORS: P.L. Shinde, R.S. Dass, A.K. Garg and A.K. Pattanaik

KEY WORDS: vitamin E, selenium, antioxidant enzymes, buffalo calves

PAGE: 318–327

AUTHORS: K.M. Niedźwiedzka, J. Kowalczyk and M. Czauderna

KEY WORDS: linseed oil, selenate, fatty acid, amino acid, muscle, liver, fat tissue, blood plasma, sheep

PAGE: 328–343

AUTHORS: E. González, G. Caja, E. Albanell, C. Flores, R. Casals and X. Such

KEY WORDS: fibrolytic enzyme, lactation, milk, dairy goat

PAGE: 344–351

AUTHORS: C.R. Soliva, S. Widmer and M. Kreuzer

KEY WORDS: essential oil, hypericin, ruminal fermentation, microorganisms, supplementation

PAGE: 352–362

AUTHORS: G. Flachowsky, E. Schulz, R. Kratz and P. Glodek

KEY WORDS: pig, fatty acid, backfat, muscle

PAGE: 363–371

AUTHORS: M. Trzcińska, M. Bryła and Z. Smorąg

KEY WORDS: boar spermatozoa, membrane integrity, mitochondrial activity, apoptotisis

PAGE: 372–380

AUTHORS: J. Koreleski and S. Świątkiewicz

KEY WORDS: dual purpose type chickens, protein level, methionine supplementation, N-balance, carcass quality

PAGE: 381–391

AUTHORS: D. Józefiak, S. Kaczmarek and A. Rutkowski

KEY WORDS: β-glucan, inulin, lactose, performance, ileal microbiota, chickens

PAGE: 392–397

AUTHORS: E. Wasilewska, L.H. Markiewicz and M. Bielecka

KEY WORDS: rat, probiotics, gut microfl ora, acid tolerance, bile resistance, adhesion, Bifi dobacterium

PAGE: 398–410

AUTHORS: A. Lukačínová, J. Mojžiš, R. Beňačka, O. Rácz and F. Ništiar

KEY WORDS: flavonoids, quercetin, chrysin, alloxan-induced diabetes, preventive effect, oxidative stress, rats

PAGE: 411–421

AUTHORS: S. Kruse, A. Herrmann, R. Loges and F. Taube

KEY WORDS: gas production, incubation interval, NIRS, maize silage, ear, maize stover

PAGE: 422–433

AUTHORS: C.-F. Peng, Y.-W. Chen, H.-Q. Chen, Ch.-L. Xu and Z.-Y. Jin

KEY WORDS: progestogens, multi-residues, ELISA, feed

PAGE: 434–441

AUTHORS: A. Méndez-Albores, F. Martínez-Bustos, J. Véles-Medina, E. Castaño-Tostado and E. Moreno-Martínez

KEY WORDS: sorghum, β-afl atoxins, lactic acid, extrusion-cooking, detoxifi cation

PAGE: 442–451

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