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AUTHORS: A. Litwiniec, M. Izdebska, R. Włodarczyk, A. Grzanka and J.M. Jaśkowski

KEY WORDS: feeding, ghrelin, cachexia, GH secretagogues (GHSs), testis, ovaries

PAGE: 455–472

AUTHORS: J.A. Strzetelski, S. Osięgłowski, Z.M. Kowalski, J. Kowalczyk, F. Borowiec and E. Sosin

KEY WORDS: transition cow, concentrate allocation method, starch source, milk yield, energy

PAGE: 473–490


KEY WORDS: cattle, GBE1, tissue expression

PAGE: 491–499

AUTHORS: A.M. Duszewska, D. Lipiński, W. Gawron, E. Wenta-Muchalska, A. Rynkowska, R. Słomski and Z. Reklewski

KEY WORDS: human interferon alpha, microinjection, embryos, calves

PAGE: 491–499

AUTHORS: J.P. Sehgal, D. Jit, A.K. Puniya and K. Singh

KEY WORDS: anaerobic fungi, direct-fed microbial, Neocallimastix, digestibility, rumen, buffalo

PAGE: 510–518

AUTHORS: F. Ghafouri-Kesbi and M.P. Eskandarinasab

KEY WORDS: animal model, maternal effects, body weight, heritability, sheep

PAGE: 519–529

AUTHORS: E. González-García, G. Caja, E. Albanell, R. Casals and X. Such

KEY WORDS: dairy goat, fi brolytic enzyme, digestibility, gas production

PAGE: 530–537

AUTHORS: G.M. Liu, Y. Wei, Z.S. Wang, D. Wu, A.G. Zhou and G.L. Liu

KEY WORDS: pigs, gain, herbal extracts, malonylodialdehyde, insulin-like growth factor system, gene expression

PAGE: 538–547

AUTHORS: Z.G. Miao, L.J. Wang, Z.R. Xu, X.Y. Han, H.Z. Quan and G.W. Li

KEY WORDS: gilts, leptin, insulin, IGF-I, thyroid hormones, age-related changes

PAGE: 548–558

AUTHORS: J.J. Lu, X.T. Zou and Y.M. Wang

KEY WORDS: sodium butyrate, growth performance, intestinal microfl ora, intestinal morphology, weanling pig

PAGE: 568–578

AUTHORS: M. Marounek, M. Skřivan, G. Dlouhá and P. Březina

KEY WORDS: laying hens, nutrition, phosphorus, phytate, age

PAGE: 579–587

AUTHORS: G.S. Farahat, E.A. Eissa, K. Balogh and M. Mézes

KEY WORDS: chicken, embryo, glutathione peroxidase, breed, sex

PAGE: 588–599

AUTHORS: M. Opałka, A. Leska, B. Kamińska and L. Dusza

KEY WORDS: phytoestrogens, oestrogen receptors, gene expression, testis, goose

PAGE: 600–607

AUTHORS: T. Sengül, S. Yurtseven, M. Cetin, A. Kocyigit and B. Sögüt

KEY WORDS: quail, thyme extract, growth performance, antioxidant properties, DNA damage

PAGE: 608–620

AUTHORS: A. Ferramosca, V. Savy, A.W.C. Einerhand and V. Zara

KEY WORDS: body weight, liver lipids, plasma lipids, fatty acid synthesis, pine nut oil (PinnoThinTM), mice

PAGE: 621–630

AUTHORS: X. Liu, L. Han, Z. Yang and Ch. Xu

KEY WORDS: silage, NIRS, digestibility, regression techniques

PAGE: 631–639

AUTHORS: J. Rawa, W. Korczyński, J.J. Pająk, J. Skomiał, J. Rutkowski, B. Kowalik and Z. Długołęcka

KEY WORDS: sheep, pancreatic juice, bile, collection method

PAGE: 640–647

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