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AUTHORS: R. Nagpal, A.K. Puniya and K. Singh

KEY WORDS: rumen, anaerobic fungi, fibre degradation, alginate beads, direct-fed microbials

PAGE: 758–768

AUTHORS: O. Piquer, C. Casado, S. Biglia, C. Fernández, E. Blas and J.J. Pascual

KEY WORDS: in vitro, fermentation, kinetics, gas, citrus, sugars, pectins, fibre, ruminants

PAGE: 743–757

AUTHORS: H. Farajollahi, A.A. Aslaminejad, M.R. Nassiry, M.H. Sekhavati, M. Mahdavi and A. Javadmanesh

KEY WORDS: quantitative competitive PCR, fish meal, poultry DNA, contamination

PAGE: 733–742

AUTHORS: M. Bugno-Poniewierska, M. Wnuk, W. Witarski and E. Słota

KEY WORDS: donkey, horse, telomeres, centromeres, NORs, FISH, PRINS

PAGE: 723–732

AUTHORS: J. Juśkiewicz, M. Wróblewska, J. Jarosławska, P. Baliński, P. Matusevičius, P. Zduńczyk, E. Biedrzycka and Z. Zduńczyk

KEY WORDS: cellulose, inulin, fermentation, microflora, caecum, rat

PAGE: 709–722

AUTHORS: B. Waszkiewicz-Robak and E. Bartnikowska

KEY WORDS: spent brewer’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, β-glucan, cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triacyloglicerols, serum, liver, rats

PAGE: 699–708

AUTHORS: A. Skrede, L.T. Mydland, and M. Øverland

KEY WORDS: bacterial protein, natural gas, methanol, amino acids, nucleic acids, digestibility, mink

PAGE: 689–698

AUTHORS: D. Mikulski, J. Jankowski, Z. Zduńczyk, M. Wróblewska and M. Mikulska

KEY WORDS: copper, chelate, bone mineralization, performance, turkeys

PAGE: 677–688

AUTHORS: W. Szczurek

KEY WORDS: chickens, ileal digestibility, amino acids, plant feeds

PAGE: 662–676

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