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AUTHORS: Z. Zduńczyk and Ch.S. Pareek

KEY WORDS: nutrigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, nutrition, feed evaluation

PAGE: 3–16

AUTHORS: M. Oczkowicz

KEY WORDS: imprinting, polar overdominance, DLK1, MEG3, PEG11, callipyge

PAGE: 17–27

AUTHORS: J.A. Strzetelski, Z.M. Kowalski, J. Kowalczyk3, F. Borowiec, S. Osięgłowski and K. Ślusarczyk

KEY WORDS: energy, protected methionine, starch, metabolic profi le, dairy cows, transition period

PAGE: 28–41

AUTHORS: E. Barczak, A. Wolc, J. Wójtowski, P. Ślósarz and T. Szwaczkowski

KEY WORDS: body weight, inbreeding rate, inbreeding depression, sheep

PAGE: 42–50

AUTHORS: W. Zhou, Z.K. Han, and W.Y. Zhu

KEY WORDS: linseed lignans, mammalian lignans, ruminal metabolism, enterolactone, enterodiol, thyroid hormones

PAGE: 51–60

AUTHORS: G.P. Wang, Y.Y. He, S.F. Hu, W. Liu and G.Y. Liu

KEY WORDS: pig, NDP, CLN3, NCF1, tissue transcription profile

PAGE: 61–70

AUTHORS: S. Kamiński, P. Brym and E. Wójcik

KEY WORDS: pig, DECR1, polymorphism, growth rate, PCR-RFLP

PAGE: 71–77

AUTHORS: E. Soto, L. de la Hoz, J.A. Ordóñez, B. Herranz, E. Hierro, C.J. López-Bote and M.I. Cambero

KEY WORDS: Iberian pigs, dry-cured loin, fatty acid, n-6/n-3 ratio, texture

PAGE: 78–89

AUTHORS: H. Arpášová, V. Petrovič, M. Mellen, M. Kačániová, K. Čobanová and L. Leng

KEY WORDS: laying hens, sodium selenite, selenized yeast, egg quality, microelements, macroelements

PAGE: 90–100

AUTHORS: A. Laca, B. Paredes and M. Díaz

KEY WORDS: laying hen, n-3 PUFA, rheological, egg quality

PAGE: 101–112

AUTHORS: S. Kaczmarek, M. Bochenek, D. Józefiak and A. Rutkowski

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, maize, hominy feed, enzyme preparation, performance, digestibility

PAGE: 113–123

AUTHORS: J. Barteczko, R. Augustyn, O. Lasek and S. Smulikowska

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, wheat cultivar, apparent protein digestibility, AMEN, viscosity, jejunal digesta

PAGE: 124–131

AUTHORS: L. Liu, J.Q. Wang, D.P. Bu, S.J. Liu, S. Liang, K.L. Liu, H.Y. Wei and L.Y. Zhou

KEY WORDS: docosahexaenoic acid, trans-vaccenic acid, cis-9, trans-11 conjugated linoleic acid, volatile fatty acids, rumen-simulation technique

PAGE: 132–141

AUTHORS: H. Oeztuerk

KEY WORDS: live yeast culture, autoclaved yeast culture, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, rumen, in vitro

PAGE: 3–16

AUTHORS: D.S. Arora and R.K. Sharma

KEY WORDS: in vitro digestibility, chitin, ligninolytic activity, solid-state fermentation, white rot fungi, wheat straw

PAGE: 151–161

AUTHORS: A. Gómez Garay, I. Garrido Mayas and G. Vergara García

KEY WORDS: feed, maize, soyabean, GMO, transgenic, RT-PCR

PAGE: 162–172

AUTHORS: R. Gąsior, M. Pieszka and F. Brzóska

KEY WORDS: tocopherols, tocotrienols, cereals, validation, uncertainty, HPLC

PAGE: 173–192

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