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AUTHORS: B. Gajda and Z. Smorąg

KEY WORDS: domestic animal, oocyte, embryo, cryopreservation, vitrification

PAGE: 371–387

AUTHORS: W. Sun, G.Y. Zhao, E.L. Song, F.C. Wan, X.M. Liu and W.J. Ma

KEY WORDS: soyabeans, conjugated linoleic acid, longissimus dorsi muscle, backfat, liver, beef cattle

PAGE: 388–398

AUTHORS: Z.M. Kowalski, P. Górka, A. Schlagheck, W. Jagusiak, P. Micek and J. Strzetelski

KEY WORDS: calf, probiotic, weaning, gain, health

PAGE: 335–347

AUTHORS: M.H. Fathi, A. Riasi and A. Allahresani

KEY WORDS: calf, weaning age, growth rate, flavour, vanilla

PAGE: 412–419

AUTHORS: J. Olechnowicz, J.M. Jaśkowski, P. Antosik and D. Bukowska

KEY WORDS: dairy ewes, SCC, milk components, milk yield

PAGE: 420–428

AUTHORS: B. Gajda and Z. Smorąg

KEY WORDS: domestic animal, oocyte, embryo, cryopreservation, vitrification

PAGE: 371–387

AUTHORS: M. Szumacher-Strabel1, A. Cieślak and A. Nowakowska

KEY WORDS: ruminants, plant oil, fermentation pattern, microbial population, in vitro

PAGE: 440-452

AUTHORS: A. Ratriyanto, R. Mosenthin, D. Jezierny, N. Sauer and M. Eklund

KEY WORDS: piglet, betaine, organic acids, inulin, digestibility, microbial fermentation

PAGE: 453–464

AUTHORS: B. Zhang and Y. Guo

KEY WORDS: tetrabasic zinc chloride, copper sulphate, enzymes, SCFA, growth performance, piglets

PAGE: 465–477

AUTHORS: S. Smulikowska, J. Czerwiński, A. Mieczkowska and J. Jankowiak

KEY WORDS: organic acids, feed enzyme, digesta viscosity, intestinal morphology, SCFA, broiler chickens

PAGE: 478–489

AUTHORS: V. Řehout, J. Kadlec, J. Čítek, E. Hradecká, L. Hanusová, B. Hosnedlová and F. Lád

KEY WORDS: growth, slaughter, haematology, broilers, Bt maize

   PAGE: 490–498


AUTHORS: V. Petrovič, S. Marcinčák, P. Popelka, L. Nollet and G. Kováč

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, meat, trace elements, lipid peroxidation, refrigerated, frozen storage

PAGE: 499–507

AUTHORS: Y. Konca, F. Kirkpinar, S. Mert and B. Kayhan

KEY WORDS: turkey, mannan oligosaccharide, live yeast, performance, microflora, blood traits

PAGE: 508–517

AUTHORS: D. Mikulski, J. Jankowski, Z. Zduńczyk, M. Wróblewska, K. Sartowska and T. Majewska

KEY WORDS: Se-enriched yeast, sodium selenite, plasma glutathione peroxidase, performance, meat quality, turkey

PAGE: 518–530

AUTHORS: Z.Y. Wang, S.R. Shi, M.J. Xu and H.M. Yang

KEY WORDS: domestic animal, oocyte, embryo, cryopreservation, vitrification

PAGE: 531–540

AUTHORS: K. Lachowicz, I. Koszela-Piotrowska and D. Rosołowska-Huszcz

KEY WORDS: thyroid, thyroxine, triiodothyronine, reverse-triiodothyronine, nutrition, fatty acids, rats

PAGE: 541–550

AUTHORS: E. Fürstenberg, K. Lachowicz, E. Olczak, M. Stachoń, D. Rosołowska-Huszcz and J. Gromadzka-Ostrowska

KEY WORDS: fatty acids, adipose tissue, leptin/adiponectin ratio, vitamin E, adrenals, body composition, rats

PAGE: 551–563

AUTHORS:  M. Czauderna, J. Kowalczyk, K.A. Krajewska, A.J. Rozbicka and J.P. Michalski

KEY WORDS: rats, selenite, CLA isomers, liver, femoral muscles, fatty acids, desaturases, elements, atherogenic index, thrombogenic index

PAGE: 564–581

AUTHORS: S.X. Tang, L.X. Sheng, Z.L. Tan, G.O. Tayo, H.Y. Liao, Z.H. Sun, B. Zeng, X.F. Han, C.S. Zhou and G.P. Ren

KEY WORDS: maize stover, genotype, morphological fraction, maturity stage, in vitro fermentation

PAGE: 582–598

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