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AUTHORS: J. Nowacka-Woszuk and M. Switonski

KEY WORDS: Canidae, cytogenetic mapping, SOX9, AMH, AR

PAGE: 5–12

AUTHORS: G.G. Cherepanov and V.I. Agaphonov

KEY WORDS: dairy cows, heat production, metabolic fluxes, oxidation rates, computational algorithm

PAGE: 13–23

AUTHORS: H. Liu, L. Wang, L.-B. Wang, S.-L. Li, and Z.-J. Cao

KEY WORDS: lactating goats, mammary metabolism, milk protein, soyabean small peptides, free amino acids

PAGE: 24–36

AUTHORS: F. Grageola, L. Sangines, C. Díaz, A. Gómez, M. Cervantes, C. Lemus and J. Ly

KEY WORDS: pig, genotype, digestibility, avocado, fat

PAGE: 37–49

AUTHORS: A. Muhl and F. Liebert

KEY WORDS: piglets, protein utilization, feed additives, lysine

PAGE: 50–59

AUTHORS: C.M. Nyachoti, L. Rigaux, T.A. Woyengo and E. Kiarie

KEY WORDS: hulless oats, amino acid digestibility, energy, pigs

PAGE: 60–72

AUTHORS: W. Szczurek

KEY WORDS: chickens, ileal digestibility, amino acids, cereals, rapeseed products, maize DDGS

PAGE: 73–81

AUTHORS: G. Jia, J.-Y. Yan, J.-Y. Cai and K.-N. Wang

KEY WORDS: piglets, encapsulated compound acidifiers, gastrointestinal pH, intestinal morphology,
intestinal function

PAGE: 82–93

AUTHORS: Z. Nasir and M.A. Grashorn

KEY WORDS: broilers, phytogenic feed additives, Echinacea purpurea, Nigella sativa, performance, meat quality

PAGE: 94–104

AUTHORS: V. Denstadli, A.T. Romarheim, M. Sørensen, Ø. Ahlstrøm and A. Skrede

KEY WORDS: mink, phytic acid, nutrients, minerals

PAGE: 105–113

AUTHORS: M. Czauderna, J. Kowalczyk, K.A. Krajewska, J.P. Michalski

KEY WORDS: rats, selenized yeast, selenite, CLA isomers, fatty acids, abdominal fat, brain

PAGE: 113–129

AUTHORS: A. Potkański, J. Grajewski, M. Twarużek, M. Selwet, B. Miklaszewska, A. Błajet-Kosicka, M. Szumacher-Strabel, A. Cieślak and K. Raczkowska-Werwińska

KEY WORDS: maize silage, mycotoxins, Ustilago maydis, aerobic stability

PAGE: 130–142


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