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AUTHORS: G. Flachowsky and C. Wenk

KEY WORDS: genetically modified plants (GMP), nutritional and safety assessment, digestibility, types of feeding studies

PAGE: 149–170

AUTHORS: B. Niwińska

KEY WORDS: Δ9- desaturase, trans-vaccenic acid, rumenic acid, human, cattle

PAGE: 171– 182

AUTHORS: G.G. Cherepanov and Z.N. Makar Institute

KEY WORDS: mammary gland, secretory cells, amino acids, transport activity, milk protein yield, modeling

PAGE: 183–194

AUTHORS: E. Sosin-Bzducha, J. Strzetelski, F. Borowiec, J. Kowalczyk and K. Okoń

KEY WORDS: calf, starch, performance, rumen development

PAGE: 195–210

AUTHORS: M. Czauderna, J. Kowalczyk and J.P. Michalski

KEY WORDS: dietary protein, conjugated linoleic acid isomers, fatty acids, milk, goats

PAGE: 211–217

AUTHORS: G.Z. Dong, X.J. Wang, Z.B. Liu and F. Wang

KEY WORDS: lucerne extract, Artemisiae annuae extract, herbal medicine, rumen fermentation, methane, goats

PAGE: 218–229


KEY WORDS: pigs, probiotics, Enterococcus faecium, Bacillus versus

PAGE: 230–243

AUTHORS: J. Koreleski, S. Świątkiewicz and A. Arczewska

KEY WORDS: broiler chicken, potassium, sodium, dietary electrolyte balance, N-balance, performance, excreta

PAGE: 244–256

AUTHORS: K. Yamauchi, J. Ruttanavut and S. Takenoyama

KEY WORDS: bamboo charcoal powder, bamboo vinegar liquid, villi, histological intestinal alterations, chicken

PAGE: 257–268

AUTHORS: A. Chwalibog, C.C. Metges, E. Sawosz Chwalibóg, M. Grodzik and T. Niemiec

KEY WORDS: nitrogen, stable isotope, DNA synthesis, liver, chicken embryo

PAGE: 269–276

AUTHORS: M.K. Zielińska, E. Sawosz, A. Chwalibog, T. Ostaszewska, M. Kamaszewski, M. Grodzik and J. Skomiał

KEY WORDS: bamboo charcoal powder, bamboo vinegar liquid, villi, histological intestinal alterations, chicken

PAGE: 277–285

AUTHORS: J. Sikorska, M. Szmidt, E. Sawosz, T. Niemiec, M. Grodzik and A. Chwalibog

KEY WORDS: nanoparticles, silver, bones, mineral content, mechanical properties, chicken embryo

PAGE: 286–291

AUTHORS: B. Zhou, M.H. Ye, K. Zhang, Y.W. Wu and J.T. Ding

KEY WORDS: honeybee, differential display, gene expression, pollen, caste differentiation

PAGE: 292–306

AUTHORS: I. Kosieradzka, V. Vasko, M. Szwacka, A. Przybysz and Sz. Fiedorowicz

KEY WORDS: GM cucumber, gene transfer, antibiotic resistance, in vivo experiment, rats

PAGE: 307–315

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