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AUTHORS: S.M. Staerfl, M. Kreuzer and C.R. Soliva

KEY WORDS: rumen, fermentation, methane, garlic, tannin, supplement

PAGE: 651–664

AUTHORS: J.P. Du, H.S. Xin, R. Wan, F.H. Shi and Q.X. Meng

KEY WORDS: fermentation kinetics, carbohydrate fractions, curve subtraction technique, in vitro, maize grain

PAGE: 638–650

AUTHORS: D. Boros, M. Ploch and D. Gruszecka

KEY WORDS: triticale, Aegilops sp., chemical composition, dietary fibre, nutritive value

PAGE: 628–637

AUTHORS: M. Czauderna , J. Kowalczyk, K.A. Krajewska and L’. Leng

KEY WORDS: selenized yeast, selenite, CLA isomers, fatty acids, spleen, blood plasma, rats

PAGE: 613–627

AUTHORS: E. Wasilewska, J. Ratowska, M. Bielecka, Z. Zduńczyk and J. Jankowski

KEY WORDS: turkey, mannanoligosaccharides, microflora, colonization, adhesion, large intestine

PAGE: 599–612

AUTHORS: W. Szczurek

KEY WORDS: chickens, amino acids, ileal digestibility, rapeseed products, feed formulation, performance

PAGE: 590–598

AUTHORS: E. Chronowska, M. Tomanek and T. Kott

KEY WORDS: pig, granulosa cells, oestrogen receptor, antioestrogens, telomerase

PAGE: 570–576

AUTHORS: M. Oczkowicz, M. Różycki, K. Piórkowska, A. Piestrzyńska-Kajtoch and B. Rejduch

KEY WORDS: pigs, ghrelin, Real-Time PCR, reference genes, stomach

PAGE: 570–576

AUTHORS: A. Chmurzynska, M. Grzes, D. Kregielska and M Switonski

KEY WORDS: pig, fatness, FAT1, QTL, LMX1A, SNP

PAGE: 564–569

AUTHORS: B. Rejduch, M. Oczkowicz, A. Piestrzyńska-Kajtoch, K. Piórkowska, M. Witoń, M. Rogoz and M. Różycki

KEY WORDS: pigs, IGFBP-3, IGFBP-5, somatothropic axis, expression, Real Time PCR

PAGE: 554–563

AUTHORS: M. Flis, W. Sobotka, Z. Antoszkiewicz, K. Lipiński and Z. Zduńczyk

KEY WORDS: grains, buckwheat, phenolics, vitamin E, α-linolenic acid, antioxidant status, serum lipids, meat, pigs

PAGE: 539–553

AUTHORS: A.L. Martínez Marín, M. Pérez Hernández, L.M. Pérez Alba and A.G. Gómez Castro

KEY WORDS: goat, feeding, feed formulation, feeding standards, roughages

PAGE: 525–538

AUTHORS: K. Kochman and M. Czauderna

KEY WORDS: brain, nutrition, omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, neurodevelopment, brain function, aging

PAGE: 511–524

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