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AUTHORS: R. Duliński, A. Starzyńska-Janiszewska, B. Stodolak and K. Żyła

KEY WORDS: poultry, soyabean meal, inositol, dialysable inositol, microbiological assay, ion chromatography

PAGE: 143–156

AUTHORS: A. Skrede, L.T. Mydland, Ø. Ahlstrøm, K.I. Reitan, H.R. Gislerød and M. Øverland

KEY WORDS: algae, protein, amino acids, lipid, digestibility, mink

PAGE: 131–142

AUTHORS: E. Ocłoń and M. Pietras

KEY WORDS: ghrelin, HPA axis, CRH, glucocorticoids, receptor antagonist, feed intake, broiler chickens

PAGE: 118–130

AUTHORS: D. Józefiak, A. Sip, M. Rawski, T. Steiner and A. Rutkowski

KEY WORDS: broiler chicken, salinomycin, divercin, encapsulation

PAGE: 401–411

AUTHORS: J. Jankowski, Z. Zduńczyk, J. Juśkiewicz and P. Kwieciński

KEY WORDS: broiler chicken, Na supplementation, electrolyte balance, performance, excreta moisture, tibia mineralization

PAGE: 93–106

AUTHORS: I. Rozempolska-Rucińska, G. Zięba, M. Łukaszewicz, M. Ciechońska, A.Witkowski and B. Ślaska

KEY WORDS: laying hens, BLUP, hatchability, egg specific gravity, breeding, (co)variance components

PAGE: 84–92

AUTHORS: N. Ceylan, I. Ciftçi, C. Mızrak, Z. Kahraman and H. Efil

KEY WORDS: oil, egg yolk, cholesterol, fatty acid, performance, laying hen

PAGE: 71–83

AUTHORS: D. Zhu, B. Yu, C. Ju, S. Mei and D. Chen

KEY WORDS: appetite, copper, hypothalamus, pigs

PAGE: 60–70

AUTHORS: N. Thi Thuy, J.E. Lindberg and B. Ogle

KEY WORDS: ensiled catfish by-products, tra catfish, finishing pig

PAGE: 47–59

AUTHORS: P. Rafai, Z. Papp, L. Jakab, T. Tuboly, V. Jurkovich, E. Brydl, L. Ózsvári and E. Kósa

KEY WORDS: pigs, fermented wheat germ extract, growth rate, immunity

PAGE: 36-46

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