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AUTHORS: K. Śliżewska and S. Smulikowska

KEY WORDS: broiler feed, aflatoxin B1, incubation, probiotic preparation, detoxification

PAGE: 300–309

AUTHORS: M. Szumacher-Strabel, P. Zmora1, E. Roj, A. Stochmal, E. Pers-Kamczyc, A. Urbańczyk, W. Oleszek, D. Lechniak and A. Cieślak

KEY WORDS: Rosa canina, rose oil, phytochemicals, fatty acids, methane, rumen

PAGE: 285–299

AUTHORS: X.F. Wang , S.Y. Mao , J.H. Liu , L.L. Zhang , Y.F. Cheng , W. Jin and W.-Y. Zhu

KEY WORDS: fungus-methanogen co-culture, gynosaponins, methane, microbial population, in vitro

PAGE: 272–284

AUTHORS: S.P. Doto and J.X. Liu

KEY WORDS: Bacillus licheniformis, Clostridium butyricum, in vitro digestibility, yeast culture, rumen fermentation parameters

PRAGE: 259–271

AUTHORS: O. Lasek, J. Barteczko, R. Augustyn, S. Smulikowska and F. Borowiec

KEY WORDS: wheat cultivars, broiler chickens, digestibility, amino acids, AMEN

PAGE: 246–258

AUTHORS: S. Marcinčák, L. Mesarčová, P. Popelka, M. Čertík, J. Šimková, D. Marcinčáková, P. Maľa, P. Zachar and M. Mártonová

KEY WORDS: broiler chicken, herbs, meat storage, lipid oxidation

PAGE: 236–245

AUTHORS: K. Kozłowski and H. Jeroch

KEY WORDS: laying hens, phytase, performance, egg quality

PAGE: 224–235

AUTHORS: X. Yang, Xi He, B. Zhang, Y. Yang, J. Yuan and Y. Guo

KEY WORDS: fish oil, immune stress, signaling, NFκB, chickens

PAGE: 206–223

AUTHORS: R. Parada, J. Książkiewicz and K. Jaszczak

KEY WORDS: embryos, chromosome abnormalities, conservative flock, geese

PAGE: 200–205

AUTHORS: K. Ropka-Molik, M. Oczkowicz, K. Piórkowska, M. Różycki, J. Romanek and M. Natonek-Wiśniewska

KEY WORDS: pig, ghrelin, gene expression, SNP, polymorphism, GHRL

PAGE: 186–199

AUTHORS: X.F. Han, F.J. Feng, J.P. Yu, S.X. Tang, M.A. Bamikole, Z.L. Tan, B. Zeng, C.S. Zhou and M. Wang

KEY WORDS: conjugated linoleic acid, carcass characteristics, fatty acids, pigs

PAGE: 171–185

AUTHORS: H. Ilahi and M.H. Othmane

KEY WORDS: Bayesian segregation, test-day milk, genetic parameters, major gene, Sicilo-Sarde dairy sheep

PAGE: 161–170

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