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AUTHORS: V. Heidarian Miri, A.K. Tyagi, S.H. Ebrahimi and M. Mohini

KEY WORDS: plant extracts, ruminal fluid, CLA isomers, fermentation, blohydrogenation

PAGE: 219-228

AUTHORS: S. Hadrová, L. Křížová1, M. Richter, J. Třináctý and  M. Dračková

KEY WORDS: histidine, duodenal, milk, plasma, amino acids, fatty acids, dairy cows

PAGE: 555-565

AUTHORS: J.R. Gandra, P.C. Nunes Gil, N.R.B. Cônsolo, E.R.S. Gandra and A.A.O. Gobesso

KEY WORDS: blood cells, castor oil, ricinoleic acid, plasma metabolites, performance, Nellore steer

PAGE: 566–576

AUTHORS: N. Rivero, A.Z.M. Salem, H.M. Gado, M. Gonzalez-Ronquillo, A.B. Pliego, C.G. Peñuelas and N.E. Odongo

KEY WORDS: Salix babylonica extract, exogenous enzymes, haemotological parameters, lambs

PAGE: 577–586

AUTHORS: Yang, X.M. Li, Z.H. Sun, T. Yang, Z.L. Tan, B.F. Wang, X.F. Han and Z.X. He

KEY WORDS: goat, meat quality, starch sources, growth performance, diet

PAGE: 587–598

AUTHORS: J.P. Michalski, J. Kowalczyk, J. Voigt, H.M. Hammon, M. Czauderna and C.C. Metges

KEY WORDS: endogenous urea, 15N, rumen bacteria, milk protein, protein level, dairy goats

PAGE: 599–612

AUTHORS: P. Zmora, A. Cieślak, E. Pers-Kamczyc, P. Szyszka and M. Szumacher-Strabel

KEY WORDS: batch culture, sage, methane, microorganisms, cattle

PAGE: 613–623

AUTHORS: G. Bełżecki, R. Miltko and T. Michałowski

KEY WORDS: rumen, bacteria, ciliates, murein, sheep

PAGE: 624–634

AUTHORS: M. Wojtasik, S. Raj, G. Skiba, D. Weremko and M. Czauderna

KEY WORDS: pigs, carcass, fatty acid profile, Musculus longissimus dorsi, subcutaneous fat

PAGE: 635–647

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