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AUTHORS: K. Kochman

KEY WORDS: GnRH, GnRH receptor, GnRH gene, GnRH receptor gene, evolution, conformational constraint

PAGE: 3–30

AUTHORS: T.G. McEvoy, A.G. Onal, B.K. Speake and J.J. Robinson

KEY WORDS: fish oil, ovulation rate, oocytes, embryos, antioxidants, sheep

PAGE: 31–48

AUTHORS: M. Zymon, J. Strzetelski, I. Furgał-Dierżuk, J. Kowalczyk and S. Osięgłowski

KEY WORDS: dairy cows, rapeseed cake, glycerine, performance, blood metabolites

PAGE: 49–64

AUTHORS: A. Dobek, A. Borowska, K. Moliński and T. Szwaczkowski

KEY WORDS: categorical traits, entropy analysis, performance tests, horses

PAGE: 77–88

AUTHORS: E. Święch, A. Tuśnio, M. Taciak, M. Boryczka and L. Buraczewska

KEY WORDS: pigs, soluble NSP, ileal AA digestibility, threonine metabolism, nitrogen retention, intestinal morphology

PAGE: 89–106

AUTHORS: J. Orda, D. Jamroz, A. Wiliczkiewicz, J. Skorupińska and J.K. Kubizna

KEY WORDS: laying hens, porcine blood by-products, performance, egg quality, yolk minerals

PAGE: 107–121

AUTHORS: E. Sosin-Bzducha1 and J. Krawczyk

KEY WORDS: conservation breeds/lines, eggs, linseed, fatty acid, hatchability, hens

PAGE: 122–132

AUTHORS: A. Arczewska-Włosek and S. Świątkiewicz

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, coccidiosis, herbal extracts, performance, diclazuril, Eimeria

PAGE: 133–142

AUTHORS: J. Jankowski, P. Zduńczyk, D. Mikulski, J. Juśkiewicz, M. Mikulska and Z. Zduńczyk

KEY WORDS: soyabean oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, fatty acid, growth performance, slaughter yield, turkey

PAGE: 143–156

AUTHORS: A. Kowalczyk, E. Łukaszewicz, M. Adamski and J. Kuźniacka

KEY WORDS: DDGS, Pekin ducks, body weight, feed efficiency, carcass quality, breast meat

PAGE: 157–167

AUTHORS: E. Nowicka-Stańczyk, T. Szkudelski, K. Szkudelska and L. Nogowski

KEY WORDS: genistein, insulin, leptin, metabolism, rats

PAGE: 168–176

AUTHORS: G.J. Zhang, Y. Li, Z.H Xu, J.Z. Jiang, F.B. Han and J.H. Liu

KEY WORDS: tetraploid Robinia pseudoacacia, ruminal degradation, leaf, stem, nylon bag technique

PAGE: 177–187

AUTHORS: B. Zhou, Q.-X. Meng, L.-P. Ren, F.-H. Shi, Z. Wei and Z.-M. Zhou

KEY WORDS: mulberry pomace, sun-drying, ensilage, in vitro, in situ, ruminant

PAGE: 188–197

AUTHORS: B. Lin, Y. Lu, J.H. Wang, Q. Liang and J.X. Liu

KEY WORDS: essential oil, monosodium fumarate, in vitro, rumen fermentation, methane, microbial population

PAGE: 198–210

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