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AUTHORS: V. Heidarian Miri, A.K. Tyagi, S.H. Ebrahimi and M. Mohini

KEY WORDS: plant extracts, ruminal fluid, CLA isomers, fermentation, blohydrogenation

PAGE: 219-228

AUTHORS: F. Przekop and M. Ciechanowska

KEY WORDS: hypothalamus, kisspeptin neurons, GnRH, rodents, sheep, primates

PAGE: 397–424

AUTHORS: M. Chrenková, Z. Čerešňáková, Z. Formelová, M. Poláčiková, Z. Mlyneková and P. Fľak

KEY WORDS: maize, wheat, triticale, DDGS, nutritional value, effective CP degradability, intestinal digestibility

PAGE: 425–435

AUTHORS: E.M. Sosin-Bzducha, J.A. Strzetelski and G. Skrzyński

KEY WORDS: calf, veal, starch, quality, fatty acids

PAGE: 436–446

AUTHORS: A.Z.M. Salem, M. Szumacher-Strabel, S. López, M.S. Khalil, G.D. Mendoza and H. Ammar

KEY WORDS: plant extracts, soyabean meal, degradability, Acacia, Atriplex, sheep

PAGE: 447–457

AUTHORS: J. Hernández, R. Rojo, A.Z.M. Salem, F. Mirzaei, A. Gonzalez4, J.F. Vázquez, O.D. Montañez and F.A. Lucero

KEY WORDS: dried citrus pulp, gas production, in vitro fermentation, goat

PAGE: 458–467

AUTHORS: S.-J. Lv, Y. Yan and W.-H. Wei

KEY WORDS: sika deer, BDNF polymorphisms, PCR-SSCP, animal behaviour

PAGE: 468–476

AUTHORS: M. Czauderna, J. Kowalczyk and R.J. Wallace

KEY WORDS: ruminal fluid, CLA isomers, fatty acid, linoleic acid, selenium, sheep

PAGE: 477–492

AUTHORS: B. Yang, X.W. Bao, Q.Y. Guo, W.W. Dong, H.Y. Li, J.H. Gao and Y. Chen

KEY WORDS: β2-adrenoceptor immunization, growth, blood biochemical parameters, rat

PAGE: 493–502

AUTHORS: Y. Wang, H.S. Xin, Y.Z. Li, W.W. Zhang, K. Xia, Z.B. Wang, M. Li and Y.G. Zhang

KEY WORDS: rice bran, processing methods, nutritional value, DVE/OEB system, NRC-2001 model

PAGE: 503–520

AUTHORS: L. Bouazza, R. Bodas, S. Boufennara, H. Bousseboua and S. López

KEY WORDS: forage, digestibility, Acacia, browse, plant secondary compounds, tannins

PAGE: 521–536

AUTHORS: A. Melesse

KEY WORDS: in vitro gas production, nutrient compositions, Moringa oleifera, Moringa stenopetala, deseeded Moringa pods

PAGE: 537–550

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