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AUTHORS: R. Abula, H.-L. Zhang, Y. Chen, and X.-K. Yao

KEY WORDS: horse, prolactin receptor gene, polymorphism, PCR-SSCP

PAGE: 70-76

AUTHORS: J. Wilczak 1 , M. Łój, A. Prostek, D. Kamola, H. Kosińska, and M. Jank

KEY WORDS: flavonoids, quercetin, Tilia cordata, transcriptomic, antioxidant, liver, rats

PAGE: 63-69

AUTHORS: K. Żyła, R. Duliński, M. Pierzchalska, M. Grabacka, D. Józefiak, and S. Świątkiewicz

KEY WORDS: broilers, phytase, myo-inositol, performance, lipid fractions

PAGE: 56-62

AUTHORS: H. Khosravinia, S. Ghasemi  and E. Rafiei Alav

KEY WORDS: broiler chicken, savory essential oils, performance, liver, kidney

PAGE: 50-55

AUTHORS:  J.O. Zeitz, S. Bucher, X. Zhou,   L. Meile,   M. Kreuzer  and C.R. Soliva

KEY WORDS: methanogen, methane, saturated fatty acid, lipid, inhibition

PAGE: 44-49

AUTHORS: F. Fatehi, M. Dehghan-banadaky, K. Reza-yazdi, M. Moradi-shahrbabak, and U.Y.  Anele

KEY WORDS: barely, maize, carcass quality, ruminal and blood parameters, Holstein bulls

PAGE: 35-43

AUTHORS: A. Cieślak, Z. Váradyová, S. Kišidayová,  D. Jalč, and M. Szumacher-Strabel

KEY WORDS: grape and black currant oils, batch culture, lucerne, hay, rumen

PAGE: 26-34

AUTHORS: A. Otwinowska-Mindur, E. Ptak, W. Jagusiak and A. Satoła

KEY WORDS: dairy cow, lactation curve, multiple-trait prediction method, goodness of fit

PAGE: 19-25


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