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AUTHORS: G. Flachowsky, M. Gruen and U. Meyer

KEY WORDS: ruminants, protein of animal origin, efficient production, plant production, animal breeding, methane emission 

PAGE: 177-187

AUTHORS: A. Huuskonen, M. Pesonen, H. Kamaralnen and R. Kaupplnen

KEY WORDS: beef production, breeds, carcass characteristics, crossbreading, heifers

PAGE: 188-196

AUTHORS: K. Rzewuska and T. Strabel

KEY WORDS: dairy cattle, milk urea, lactation curve, environmental factors

PAGE: 197-203

AUTHORS: D. Casamassima, M. Palazzo, A.G. D'Alessandro, G.E. Colella, F.Vizzarri and C. Corino

KEY WORDS: blood parameters, Lippia citriodora, verbascoside, production performance, suckling lambs

PAGE: 204-212


KEY WORDS: goal green, maize, lucerne, milk, cheese, fatty acids

PAGE: 213-218

AUTHORS: J. Zhang, J.Wang, L. Zhang T. Wang

KEY WORDS:  bamboo, leaf extract, antioxidation, lipid metabolism, growth performance, weaning piglets

PAGE: 238-246

AUTHORS: D. Jamroz, A. Gajda-Janiak, Z. Wzorek, Z. Kowalski and J.K. Kubizna

KEY WORDS: monocalcium phospate, solubility, broilers, biological parameters

PAGE: 247-256

AUTHORS: A. Arczewska-Włosek and S. Świątkiewicz

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, coccidiosis, herbal extracts, performance

PAGE: 257-263

AUTHORS: A. Leśniak-Walentyn, A. Kolesarova, M. Medvedova, N. Maruniakova, M. Capcarova, A. Kalafova, A. Hrabia and A.V. Sirtkin

KEY WORDS: T-2 toxin, quercetin, proliferation, apoptosis, ovary, rabbit

PAGE: 264-271

AUTHORS: E. Walkowicz, O. Unoid, H. Maciejewski and P. Skrobanek

KEY WORDS: horses, Silesian breed, breeding, selection, measurements

PAGE: 272-277

V. Heidarian Miri, A.K. Tyagi, S.H. Ebrahimi and M. Mohini
Vol. 22 (3), 2013, 219-228

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