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AUTHORS: K. Kochman

KEY WORDS: neuropeptides, oxytocin, vasopressin, neural-lobe of pituitary, receptors, evolution

PAGE: 293-294

AUTHORS: V.P. Bettero, J.R. Gandra, H.V.N. Nunes, J.E. Freitas Jr, R.V. Barletta, M.V. Carvalho, E. Detmann and J.C. Pereira

KEY WORDS: dairy cows, neutral detergent fibre, omega-6 PUFA, lipid sources, ruminal kinetics

PAGE: 298-301

AUTHORS: X.X. Xie, Q.X. Meng, L.P. Ren, J.P. Du and M. Lin

KEY WORDS: CNCPS model, dry matter intake, daily gain, faecal N excretion, beef cattle

PAGE: 302-310

AUTHORS: J.P. Michalski, J. Kowalczyk, M. Czauderna and W. Litwin

KEY WORDS: endogenous urea, 15 N, rumen bacteria, protein level, dairy goats

PAGE: 311-315

AUTHORS: A.V. Sirotkin  A.V. Makarevich,  P. Makovicky and  E. Kubovicova

KEY WORDS: cattle, emaciation, body condition score, ovaries, metabolism, hormones

PAGE: 316-322

AUTHORS: G. Borgesa, T.A. Woyengo and C.M. Nyachoti

KEY WORDS: lysine, tryptophan, requirement, piglet

PAGE: 323-328

AUTHORS: J. Qiao 1,2,4 , H.H. Li 1 , Ch.J. Zheng 1 , Z.Y. Feng 2,3  and W. Wang

KEY WORDS: Aloe vera polysaccharide, weaned piglet, growth performance, immunity function cytokine

PAGE: 329-334

AUTHORS: J. Prišenk, K. Pažek, Č. Rozman, J. Turk, M. Janžekovič and A. Borec

KEY WORDS: feed ration balancing, modelling, linear and weighted goal programming

PAGE: 335-341

AUTHORS: W. Szczurek, B. Szymczyk, A. Arczewska-Włosek, D. Józefiak and M.N. Alloui

KEY WORDS: broilers, whey protein concentrate, feeding, performance, blood, TBARS, intestinal pH, protein digestibility

PAGE: 342-353

AUTHORS: G.J. Zhang, Y. Li, Y.H. Sun, C.Q. Yuan and Z.H. Xu

KEY WORDS: tetraploid Robinia pseudoacacia, laying hen, egg quality, performance, digestibility

PAGE: 354-359

AUTHORS: J. Kański, J.B. Pyś and P. Górka

KEY WORDS: sorghum silage, NIRS, nutritive value

PAGE: 360-365

AUTHORS: J. Jankowski, D. Mikulski, Z. Zduńczyk and J. Juśkiewicz

KEY WORDS: wheat, particle size, duodenal digesta, nutrient digestibility, turkey

PAGE: 366-370

AUTHORS: A. Tuśnio, M. Taciak, C. Trawczyński, M. Barszcz, J. Skomiał and B. Pastuszewska

KEY WORDS: potato sprouts, α-solanine, α-chaconine, trypsin inhibitor

PAGE: 371-373

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