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AUTHORS: V. Goulas, T. Anisimova Andreou, C. Angastinioti Moditi and O. Tzamaloukas

KEY WORDS: additives, antibiotics, sulpha, medicated feed, feed premixes

PAGE: 185-189

AUTHORS: M. Zymon, J. Strzetelski and G. Skrzyński

KEY WORDS: cow, milk, fish oil, ruminal biohydrogenation, long-chain fatty acids

PAGE: 109-116

AUTHORS: R.T. de Souza Rodrigues, M.L. Chizzotti, S. Rodrigues Martins , M.A. Ávila Queiroz and K. Costa Busato

KEY WORDS: intake, rumination, scarce supply, semiarid, sheep

PAGE: 117-123

AUTHORS: T. Ohgushi-Imamura, E.A. Orden and T. Fujihara

KEY WORDS: rat, rumen microbial Se, selenite, Se utilization

PAGE: 124-130

AUTHORS: A. Kawęcka and E. Sosin-Bzducha

KEY WORDS: sheep, indigenous breeds, pasture, milk, cheese

PAGE: 131-138

AUTHORS: J. Polkowska, S. Picard ,  M. Wańkowska, M.Cieślak,  A.   Caraty and Y. Tillet

KEY WORDS: kisspeptin, neuropeptide Y, gonadotrophin releasing hormone, hypothalamus, puberty, sheep

PAGE: 139-148

AUTHORS: J. Ptak, A. Mucha and M. Różycki

KEY WORDS: pigs, Polish Landrace, fattening, slaughter traits, reproductive traits, correlations

PAGE: 149-152

AUTHORS: Zh.-Ch. Liao, W.-T. Guan, F. Chen, D.-X. Hou, Ch.-X. Wang, Y.-T. Lv, H.-Z. Qiao, J. Chen and J.-H. Han

KEY WORDS: epithelial cell, ferrous sulphate, ferrous bisglycinate, iron, DMT1, PepT1, intestine, pig

PAGE: 153-159

AUTHORS: S.A. Kaczmarek, M. Kasprowicz-Potocka, M. Hejdysz, R. Mikuła and A. Rutkowski

KEY WORDS: narrow-leafed lupin, AMEN, ileal digestibility, raffinose, viscosity, broiler

PAGE: 160-166

AUTHORS: M. Stachoń, J. Gromadzka-Ostrowska, K. Lachowicz 1 , E. Fürstenberg, E. Pałkowska, D. Gajewska, J. Myszkowska-Ryciak, L. Kozłowska and D. Rosołowska-Huszcz

KEY WORDS: glucocorticoids, glucocorticoid receptors, type 1 11β-hydroxylase, type 1 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, deiodinases, energy deficit, rats

PAGE: 167-176

AUTHORS: C. Purwin, M. Fijałkowska, B. Kowalik, H. Skórko-Sajko, Z. Nogalski and B. Pysera

KEY WORDS: lucerne, red clover, red fescue, silages, in situ degradability, bale density, formic acid

PAGE: 177-184

AUTHORS: P. Konieczka, A.J. Rozbicka-Wieczorek, E. Więsyk, S. Smulikowska and M. Czauderna

KEY WORDS: malondialdehyde, 2-thiobar-bituric acid, ultra-fast liquid chromatography, biological materials, oxidative stress, hickens

PAGE: 190-197

Proceedings of the Society of Nutrition Physiology, The 68 th Annual Meeting of the Society of Nutrition Physiology of Germany, 

Goettingen, March 18–20, 2014, Vol. 23

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