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AUTHORS: A. Kurpińska, A. Jarosz and W.F. Skrzypczak

KEY WORDS: proteomics, protein expression, lactation, cows

PAGE: 203-211

AUTHORS: J.P. Michalski, M. Czauderna, W. Litwin, N. Puzio and J. Kowalczyk

KEY WORDS: endogenous urea, 15 N, dietary protein, milk, amino acids, dairy goats

PAGE: 212-216

AUTHORS: A.P. Herman, K. Kopycińska, A. Krawczyńska, K. Romanowicz and D. Tomaszewska-Zaremba

KEY WORDS: ewe, inflammation, LPS, LH, FSH

PAGE: 217-221

AUTHORS: C.J. Cai, P.P. Cai, C.L. Hou, X.F. Zeng and S.Y. Qiao

KEY WORDS: suckling piglet, Lactobacillus fermentum, immunity, antioxidant

PAGE: 222-227

AUTHORS: A. Szuba-Trznadel, A. Rząsa, R. Lira and B. Fuchs

KEY WORDS: sows, piglets, health, growth performance, glucan

PAGE: 228-235

AUTHORS: E.R. Grela, K. Ognik, A. Czech and J. Matras

KEY WORDS: lucerne, protein concentrate, fatty acids, redox, eggs, laying hens

PAGE: 236-243

AUTHORS: P. Konieczka, S. Smulikowska, J. Czerwiński and A. Mieczkowska

KEY WORDS: pea, extrusion, ileal digestibility, tannins, trypsin inhibitors, short-chain fatty acids, broiler chicken

PAGE: 244-252

AUTHORS: J. Jankowski, D. Mikulski, Z. Zdunczyk, J. Juskiewicz and K. Lichtorowicz

KEY WORDS: wheat, gastrointestinal tract function, growth performance, carcass traits, turkeys

PAGE: 253-261

AUTHORS: A. Czech and K. Ognik

KEY WORDS: turkey hen, soyabean oil, linseed oil, tocopherol, performance, blood

PAGE: 262-268

AUTHORS: S.J. Krizsan, Z. Mussadiq, M. Hetta, M. Ramin, L. Nyholm and P. Huhtanen

KEY WORDS: indigestible neutral detergent fibre, near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy, NIRS, organic matter digestibility, maize

PAGE: 269-278

AUTHORS: M. Romero-Huelva, A.I. Martín-García, R. Nogales and E. Molina-Alcaide

KEY WORDS: batch cultures, concentrate, tomato, cucumber, by-products, methane production, rumen microorganisms

PAGE: 229-237

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