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AUTHORS: A. Pechová 1,5 , P.   Pečínka 2 , J. Kudrnáčová 3  and L. Pavlata

KEY WORDS: energy metabolism, rumen fermentation, liver, blood, milk yield, dairy cows

PAGE: 285–292

AUTHORS: A. Moharrery,   M. Brask and M.R. Weisbjerg

KEY WORDS: rapeseed, duodenal enzymes, soluble protein, dairy cows

PAGE: 293-298

AUTHORS: A. Wójcik-Gładysz 1 , M. Wańkowska, A. Gajewska, T. Misztal, M. Szlis and J. Polkowska

KEY WORDS: hypothalamus, pituitary, GnRH, LH, ghrelin, peripubertal ewes

PAGE: 299-308

AUTHORS: L. Stádník, A.V. Makarevich, M. Doležalová, E. Kubovičová, J. Beran, Z. Hegedüšová, J. Čítek, R. Holásek and R. Stupka

KEY WORDS: superovulation, embryo, season, apoptosis, actin cytoskeleton, cows

PAGE: 309-316

AUTHORS: R. Akhtar 1,4 , M. Sardar 1 , N. Saima 2 , G. Saleem 1 , S. Imran 3  and A. Aslam

KEY WORDS: buffalo, activated charcoal, aflatoxin B1, glucomannan, HSCAS

PAGE: 317-323

AUTHORS: X.R. Jiang, H.J. Zhang, G. Mantovani, G.L. Alborali, J.M. Caputo, G. Savoini, V. Dell’Orto and V. Bontempo

KEY WORDS: antioxidant capacity, E. coli challenge, plant polyphenols, piglets

PAGE: 324-330

AUTHORS: W.K. Lai 1 , H.C. Yen 1 , C.S. Lin 2  and S.H. Chiang

KEY WORDS: growth performance, intestinal microflora, medium-chain triacylglycerols, pigs

PAGE: 331-336

AUTHORS: S. Raj, M. Sobol, G. Skiba, D. Weremko and E. Poławska

KEY WORDS: pigs, omega-3 fatty acids, blood lipid indicators

PAGE: 337-345

AUTHORS: M. Benlemlih, A. Aarab, M. Bakkali, A. Arakrak and A. Laglaoui

KEY WORDS: rabbit, fennel, thyme, growth parameters, caecal microflora

PAGE: 346-350

AUTHORS: A. Tuśnio, M. Taciak, M. Barszcz, J. Paradziej-Łukowicz, I. Olędzka, W. Wiczkowski, M. Szumska, B. Pastuszewska and J. Skomiał

KEY WORDS: diets, autoclaving, macronutrients, vitamins, acrylamide, isoflavones

PAGE: 351-360

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