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AUTHORS: G. Flachowsky and U. Meyer

KEY WORDS: sustainability, protein of animal origin, edible protein, resources, gas emissions, carbon footprints

PAGE: 273-282

AUTHORS: G. Flachowsky and U. Meyer

KEY WORDS: plant, animal breeding, alternative feeds, protein sources, eating patterns, food looses

PAGE: 283-294

AUTHORS: A. Huuskonen and M. Pesonen

KEY WORDS: calves, nutrition, live yeast, growth performance, health

PAGE: 295-301

AUTHORS: H.M.A. Abdelrazek, M.S. Yusuf, S.A. Ismail and R.A. Elgawish

KEY WORDS: rams, probiotics, leukocytes, cytokines, lymphocyte transformation

PAGE: 302-307

AUTHORS: K. Kara  , B.K. Güçlü and E. Baytok

KEY WORDS: browse forages, condensed tannin, methane, ruminal fermentation

PAGE: 308-314

AUTHORS: S. Raj, G. Skiba, M. Sobol and D. Weremko

KEY WORDS: pigs, grass meal, body composition, intramuscular fat, fatty acids profile

PAGE: 315-322

AUTHORS: A. E. Święch

KEY WORDS: pigs, threonine, wheat gluten, eal AA digestibility, nitrogen retention, threonine dehydrogenase activity

PAGE: 323-331

AUTHORS: M. Dziekoński, A. Żmijewska, A. Franczak, G. Kotwica, K. Kościukiewicz, W. Czelejewska and S. Okrasa

KEY WORDS: pig, uterus, opioid receptors, cytokines

PAGE: 332-340

AUTHORS: M. Alagawany 1  and M.E. Abd El-Hack

KEY WORDS: rosemary powder, performance, blood profile, antioxidant status, laying hens

PAGE: 341-347

AUTHORS: D. Čolović, J. Lević, I. Čabarkapa 1 , R. Čolović, Lj. Lević  and I. Sedej

KEY WORDS: linseed-sunflower, co-extrudate, extrusion, vitamin E, carvacrol, α-linolenic acid, storage

PAGE: 348-357

Book review: Equine nutrition - INRA Nutrient Requirements, Recommended Allowances and Feed Tables

PAGE: 358-361

PAGE: 362

PAGE: 363-364

PAGE: 365–367

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