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AUTHORS: K. Król, D. Tomaszewska-Zaremba and A.P. Herman

KEY WORDS: : ewe, pars tuberalis, photoperiod, IL-1β, IL-6, TNFα

PAGE: 3-11

AUTHORS: P. Wang, C.G. Fan, J. Chang, Q.Q. Yin 1,5 , A.D. Song, X.W. Dang and F.S. Lu

KEY WORDS: sows, suckling piglets, fermented soyabean meal, production performance, acting mechanism

PAGE: 12-19

AUTHORS: M. Sobol, S. Raj and G. Skiba

KEY WORDS: pigs, oil mixture, fatty acids, intramuscular fat, EU recommendations, WHO recommendations

PAGE: 20-28

AUTHORS: P. Horky, J. Sochor, J. Skladanka, I. Klusonova and P. Nevrkla

KEY WORDS: boars, ejaculate, sperm, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E

PAGE: 29-36

AUTHORS: B. Szymczyk and W. Szczurek

KEY WORDS: broilers, meat, pomegranate seed oil, linseed oil, punicic acid, CLA, n-6/n-3 PUFA

PAGE: 37-44

AUTHORS:  S.M. Hosseini, M. Vakili Azghandi, S. Ahani  and R. Nourmohammadi

KEY WORDS: bee glue, bee pollen, broiler, heat stress, heat stress markers, performance

PAGE: 45-51

AUTHORS: A. Ostrowska-Kołodziejczak, K. Stuper-Szablewska, T. Kulik, M. Buśko, I. Rissmann, M. Wiwart and J. Perkowski

KEY WORDS: cereal mixtures, organic farming, trichothecenes, phenolic acids, heavy metals

PAGE: 74-81

AUTHORS: H. Ayasi, B. Dastar, T. Ghoorchi, S.R. Hashemi  and A. Tabaraei

KEY WORDS: maize silage, moult, bone tissue, immune system, laying hen

PAGE: 52-57

AUTHORS: M. Skřivan, M. Marounek, M. Englmaierová  and E. Skřivanová

KEY WORDS: marigold flower extract, egg production, yolk colour, carotenoids, oxidative stability

PAGE: 58-64

AUTHORS: R. Silva Moura, A. Souza Carneiro de Rezende, J.R. Nicoli, M. Martins Melo, Â.M. Quintão Lana and J. Camisão de Souza 

KEY WORDS: foal, bone development, probiotic, phytase, Saccharomyces cerevisiae

PAGE: 65-73

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