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AUTHORS: Barbara Baraniak

KEY WORDS: leaf protein concentrate, chemical composition, in vitro digestibility

PAGE: 137 - 144

AUTHORS: Jolanta Gdala and Lucyna Buraczewska

KEY WORDS: faba bean, pea, carbohydrates, composition

PAGE: 123 - 135

AUTHORS: Stefania Smulikowska, Barbara Pastuszewska, Anna Mieczkowska and Anna Ochtabińska

KEY WORDS: rapeseed expeller cake, glucosinolates, lysine, energy, protein utilization

PAGE: 109 - 121

AUTHORS: J. Książkiewicz

KEY WORDS: ducks, conservative group, live weight, tissue composition, variation, repeatability

PAGE: 101 - 108

AUTHORS: E.R. Grela, T. StudzińskI, Agata Rabos, Anna Winiarska and J . Dziduch

KEY WORDS: growing-finishing pigs, organic Cr, carcass quality, fatty acids

PAGE: 87 - 100

AUTHORS: C. Machado, H. Matoso and N. Auza

KEY WORDS: feeding frequency, feedlot, heifer-calf, carcass

PAGE: 81 - 85

AUTHORS: E.M. Aregheore

KEY WORDS: feed intake, growth, digestibility, crop residues, sheep, sex

PAGE: 71 - 79

AUTHORS: Angela Schroder, K.-H. Siidekum, M. Brandt and M. Gabel

KEY WORDS: dairy cow, amino acids, disappearance, gastro-intestinal tract, fish meal, soyabean meal

PAGE: 53 - 69

AUTHORS: K.-H. Siidekum, Helga Andree and D. Hohler

KEY WORDS: rape seed, rapeseed meal, formaldehyde, rumen degradation, fibre, macrominerals

PAGE: 41 - 52

AUTHORS: K.-H. Sudekum and Helga Andree

KEY WORDS: rape seed, rapeseed meal, formaldehyde, rumen degradation, crude protein, amino acids

PAGE: 23 - 40

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