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AUTHORS: D. Rosolowska-Huszcz, J. Gromadzka-Ostrowska, J. Wilczak, K. Romanowicz, M. Borysiak, M. Dębska and B. Mazurek

KEY WORDS: adrenal gland, corticosterone, dietary fat, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, thyroid peroxidase

PAGE: 185 - 200

AUTHORS: H. Leontowicz, M. Leontowicz, H. Kostyra, G. Kulasek, M.A. Gralaka, R. Krzeminski and M. Podgurniak

KEY WORDS: trypsin inhibitors, lectins, pancreas, extrusion, digestibility, rats, legumes

PAGE: 169 - 183

AUTHORS: A. Donkoh, D.M. Anang, C.C. Atuahene, B. Koomson and H.G. Oppong

KEY WORDS: solar-dried blood meal, performance, broilers, laying hens

PAGE: 159 - 167

AUTHORS: S. Steenfeldt and D. Pettersson

KEY WORDS: wheat, intestinal viscosity, nutrient digestibility, performance, chickens, enzymes

PAGE: 143 - 157

AUTHORS: D. Bugnacka and J. Falkowski

KEY WORDS: pigs, nutrition, yellow lupin, cv. Juno, feed preferences, growth performance

PAGE: 133 - 142

AUTHORS: M. Flis, W. Sobotka, K. Jakubowski, L. Mieszkalski, Z. Czarnyszewicz and A. Anders

KEY WORDS: pigs, barley, milling, expanding, digestibility, growth performance, stomach

PAGE: 119 - 131

AUTHORS: M.Z. Fan, W.C. Sauer and S. Li

KEY WORDS: neutral-detergent fibre, amino acids, ileal digestibility, wheat, pigs

PAGE: 103 - 118

AUTHORS: B. Niwińska

KEY WORDS: ruminant, lupin seed, protein, amino acid, nutritive value

PAGE: 91 - 101

AUTHORS: A.T. Tesfa, T. Kokkonen, M. Tuori, T. Saukko, L-A. Lindberg, R. Poso, H. Saloniemi and L . Syrjala-Qvist

KEY WORDS: prepartum, postpartum, lactation performance

PAGE: 73 - 89

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