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AUTHORS: P. Mackowiak, Hanna Krauss, J . Kozlik, P. Sosnowski, J. Paluszak, Kinga Mikrut and Teresa Torlinska

KEY WORDS: ischemia, bradykinin, insulin receptors, rat

PAGE: 93-100

AUTHORS: T. Michalowski

KEY WORDS: rumen ciliates, outflow, residence time

PAGE: 83 - 92

AUTHORS: Barbara Pastuszewska, Lucyna Buraczewska, Anna Ochtabińska and S. Buraczewski

KEY WORDS: rapeseed meal, rapeseed cake, protein solubility, lysine, protein value, rats

PAGE: 73 - 82

AUTHORS: R. Bochno and W. Brzozowski

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, slaughter value, feed conversion, production costs

PAGE: 63 - 72

AUTHORS: E.M. Aregheore

KEY WORDS: maize, dry ripe plantain peels, nutrition, serum glucose, plasma urea-N, goats

PAGE: 55 - 62

AUTHORS: F. Borowiec, K. Furgał, J. Kamiński and T. Zając

KEY WORDS: whole crop silage, barley, sheep, palatability, voluntary feed intake, nutritive value

PAGE: 45 - 54

AUTHORS: Ren Mingqiang, Shen Zanming, Zhao Ruqian, Lu Tianshui and Chen Jie

KEY WORDS: ionophore, hainanmycin, volatile fatty acid, ammonia nitrogen, rumen, goat

PAGE: 21 - 28

AUTHORS: W. Grala, Lucyna Buraczewska, Justyna Wasilewko,M.W.A. Verstegen, S. Tamminga, A.J.M. Jansman, J . Huisman and W. Korczynski

KEY WORDS: pigs, endogenous nitrogen, secretion, absorption, flow

PAGE: 1-20

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