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AUTHORS: V. Isachenko, Eugenia Isachenko, F. Perez-Sanchez and C. Soler

KEY WORDS: porcine, oocyte, vitrification, equilibration with cryoprotectant

PAGE: 219- 230

AUTHORS: J.L. Piloto, Vilda Figueroa, M. Marias, Maria Rosabal and J. Ly

KEY WORDS: pigs, Jerusalem artichokes, performance

PAGE: 213 -217

AUTHORS: J. S. Radcliffe and E . T. Kornegay

KEY WORDS: pigs, phytase, phosphorus, digestibility

PAGE: 197-211

AUTHORS:  Teofila Stasiniewicz, Barbara Niwinska, J.A. Strzetelski, J. Kowalczyk, Katarzyna Maciaszek and K. Bilik

KEY WORDS: evening primrose cake, nutritive value, ruminant

PAGE: 187-195

AUTHORS: Safietou Toure Fall, Mai'mouna Cisse, D. Ditaroh, D. Richard, N'Deye Salane Ndiaye and B. Diaw

KEY WORDS: cereal straws, in vivo digestibility, rumen degradation, cattle, sheep

PAGE: 171 - 185

AUTHORS: W. Janiuk, A. Baranowski and J. Klewiec

KEY WORDS: crossbred lambs, fattening performance, slaughter value

PAGE: 161 -170

AUTHORS: I. Groth, Zofia Wielgosz-Groth, Z. Kijak and Janina Pogorzelska

KEY WORDS: heifers, crossbreeds, body weight, body parameters

PAGE: 151 -159

AUTHORS: Jolanta Gdala

KEY WORDS: legume seeds, NSP, chemical composition, nutritional effects

PAGE: 131 - 149

AUTHORS: J. A. Maas, J . France and B. W. McBride

KEY WORDS: amino acid, metabolism, model, cattle, mammary gland

PAGE: 105 - 129

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