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AUTHORS: Lucyna Kątska, Bożenna Ryńska and Z. Smorąg

KEY WORDS: cattle, IVM/IVF, co-culture, BRL, VERO, BOEC

PAGE: 353 -362

AUTHORS: Ruthild Schadereit, Charlotte Rehfeldt, K. Krawielitzki, Monika Klein, Ellen Kanitz and S. Kuhla

KEY WORDS: body composition, protein synthesis, 15N, end-product method, tracer technique, IGF-I, thyroid hormones, mice

PAGE: 333 - 352

AUTHORS: Danuta Boros

KEY WORDS: dietary soluble arabinoxylans, rye, tolerance, broiler chickens

PAGE: 323-331

AUTHORS: M. Macias and J . Ly

KEY WORDS: pig, Jerusalem artichokes, sugar cane molasses, digestibility

PAGE: 313 - 322

AUTHORS: Marianna Flis, W. Sobotka and Z. Zdunczyk

KEY WORDS: white lupin, barley, ß-glucanase, xylanase, digestibility, growth, pigs

PAGE: 301-312

AUTHORS: Małgorzata Szumacher-Strabel, A. Potkański and A. Cieślak

KEY WORDS: rumen, fat, microbial protein, allantoin, sheep

PAGE: 293 - 300

AUTHORS: M. Trabalza Marinucci, V. Ippedico, G. Martino, P. Polidori, Anna R. Loschi and M. Severini

KEY WORDS: lambs, nutrition, meat quality, pasta factory residues

PAGE: 283 - 292

AUTHORS: J. Kowalczyk and Teresa Żebrowska

KEY WORDS: amino acid, absorption, intestine, nitrogen source, ruminant

PAGE: 273 - 282

AUTHORS: J.A. Strzetelski, Katarzyna Krawczyk, J . Kowalczyk, Teofila Stasiniewicz, S. Osięgłowski and Elżbieta Lipiarska

KEY WORDS: evening primrose cake, bull performance, fat composition, fatty acids

PAGE: 261 - 271

AUTHORS: Z. Shabi, I. Bruckental, H. Tagari, S. Zamwel, G. Adin and A. Arieli

KEY WORDS: feeding frequency, rumen, dairy cows

PAGE: 249 - 259

AUTHORS: Katarzyna Kandulska and T. Szkudelski

KEY WORDS: adipose tissue, metabolism, hormones, nutrition

PAGE: 233 - 248

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