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AUTHORS: M. Czauderna and J. Kowalczyk

KEY WORDS: free amino acids, blood, derivatization, determination, HPLC

PAGE: 453 - 463

AUTHORS: J.L. De Boever, Anna M. Antoniewicz and Ch.V. Boucque

KEY WORDS: grass, lucerne, protein degradability, NIRS

PAGE: 437- 451

AUTHORS: T. Szkudelski

KEY WORDS: phytic acid, metabolism, lipids, rat

PAGE: 429 - 436

AUTHORS: Stefania Smulikowska, Barbara Pastuszewska, Anna Ochtabinska and Anna Mieczkowska

KEY WORDS: rapeseed dark-seeded, rapeseed yellow-seeded, chickens, rats, energy, protein

PAGE: 415 - 428

AUTHORS: M. Switala, R. Kolacz, Ewa Bodak-Koszalka and P. Gajewczyk

KEY WORDS: young pigs, runting-stunting syndrome, clinical parameters, immune response, levamisole

PAGE: 405 - 413

AUTHORS: Małgorzata Szumacher-Strabel

KEY WORDS: fat, concentrate, purine derivatives, microbial protein net synthesis, sheep

PAGE: 395 - 404

AUTHORS: Malgorzata Szumacher-Strabel

KEY WORDS: fat, meadow hay, purine derivatives, microbial protein net synthesis, sheep

PAGE: 385 - 394

AUTHORS: J.A. Strzetelski, J . Kowalczyk, Barbara Niwinska, Katarzyna Krawczyk and Katarzyna Maciaszek

KEY WORDS: evening primrose oil cake, soyabean meal, calves, feed efficiency

PAGE: 377 - 383

AUTHORS: J.A. Strzetelski, J. Kowalczyk, Katarzyna Krawczyk Teofila Stasiniewicz and Elzbieta Lipiarska

KEY WORDS: evening primrose oil cake, rape seeds, dairy cows, milk

PAGE: 365 -375

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