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AUTHORS: S.C. Cilliers and J . Sales

KEY WORDS: ostriches, molasses, metabolisable energy

PAGE: 123 - 126

AUTHORS: L. Kovar, Oxana Savka, Dagmar Duskova and M. Marounek

KEY WORDS: Prevotella ruminicola, metabolism, carbohydrates

PAGE: 115 - 122

AUTHORS: T. Szkudelski, Jolanta Chichłowska and A. Kliber

KEY WORDS: inositol, insulin, secretion, pancreas, perfusion, rat

PAGE: 107 - 113

AUTHORS: Ewa Sawosz, Jadwiga Chachulowa, R. Lechowski, Sz. Fiedorowicz and Iwona Kosieradzka

KEY WORDS: fatty acids, fats, linseed oil, fish oil, serum, longissimus dorsi muscle, rats

PAGE: 95 - 105

AUTHORS: J.A. Strzetelski, J. Kowalczyk, Teofila Stasiniewicz, Elzbieta Lipiarska, S. Osięgłowski and K. Bilik

KEY WORDS: evening primrose, full fat seeds, oil cake, dairy cow, milk

PAGE: 89 - 94

AUTHORS: Renata Grochowska, M. Snochowski, Ewa Wolinska-Witort and Z. Reklewski

KEY WORDS: growth hormone, blood plasma, dairy cattle, beef cattle

PAGE: 81 - 88

AUTHORS: R. Bochno, Jolanta Rymkiewicz and Maria Janiszewska

KEY WORDS: broiler chickens, carcass, meat, fat, regression equations

PAGE: 73 - 80

AUTHORS: Helena Kontecka, J.M. Książkiewicz and L. Nogowski

KEY WORDS: duck, stress, laying rate, haematological indices, corticosterone

PAGE: 63 - 72

AUTHORS: S. N. Nahashon, K. L . Ayorinde, P. Drummond, M. Dawes and E . J. Smith

KEY WORDS: heterosis, crude protein, chickens, performance

PAGE: 51 - 61

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