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AUTHORS: J. Vadiveloo

KEY WORDS: degradation, rice straw, urea treatment, NaOH treatment

PAGE: 157-166

AUTHORS: J. Juśkiewcz, M. Długoszewska, Z. Zduńczyk, A. Krasnodębska-Depta, B. Krefft and J. Sadowska

KEY WORDS: rats, lipid peroxidation, serum, liver lipids, enzymes, bone mineralization

PAGE: 147 - 155

AUTHORS: Z. Zduńczyk, J. Juśkiewicz, M. Długoszewska, S. Frejnagel and A. Koncicki

KEY WORDS: rats, lipid peroxidation, growth, digestibility, feed efficiency, enzymes, VFA, caecum

PAGE: 137 - 146

AUTHORS: B.Z. Kamińska, F. Brzóska and B. Skraba

KEY WORDS: rapeseed meal, dehulling, glucosinolates, thyroid, broilers, chicken

PAGE: 123 - 136

AUTHORS: D. Lechniak, S.E. Long, A.K. Nissen and M. Bailey

KEY WORDS: day-10 pig embryos, sex, PCR, size diversity

PAGE: 113 - 121

AUTHORS: C. Jondreville, J . van den Broecke, F.Grosjean, S. Van Cauwenberghe and F. Gatel

KEY WORDS: maize gluten feed, ileal digestibility, amino acids, pigs

PAGE: 99 - 111

AUTHORS: Muna M.M. Ahmed, F.M. El Hag and Manahil M. Awouda

KEY WORDS: guar, sheep, nutrition

PAGE: 91 - 98

AUTHORS: J. Matras, R.L. Preston and S.J. Bartle

KEY WORDS: growing sheep, lysine, methionine, infusion, protein, rumen, degradation, N balance

PAGE: 81 - 89

AUTHORS: S. Kamiiiski and S. Józefowicz

KEY WORDS: cattle, alpha SI casein, polymorphism, SSCP

PAGE: 73 - 79

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