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AUTHORS: D. Jędrejek, J. Levic, J. Wallace and W. Oleszek

KEY WORDS: animal, feeding, feed safety, former foodstuffs

PAGE: 189-202

AUTHORS: M. Rezapour, Y. Chashnidel, E. Dirandeh, B. Shohreh and A.H. Ghaffari

KEY WORDS: calf, maize, barley, physical form, growth, weaning

PAGE: 203-209


AUTHORS: E. Bagnicka, M. Łukaszewicz and T. Ådnøy

KEY WORDS: dairy goat, heritability, somatic cell score, lactose, genetic correlation, Legendre polynomials

PAGE: 210-215


AUTHORS: A.J. Rozbicka-Wieczorek, M. Czauderna, E. Więsyk and A. Radzik-Rant

KEY WORDS: lambs, selenized yeast, selenate, rapeseed oil, fish oil, carnosic acid, fatty acids, muscles

PAGE: 216-225


AUTHORS: E. Święch, M. Barszcz, A. Tuśnio and M. Taciak

KEY WORDS: pigs, threonine, wheat gluten, gut morphology

PAGE: 226-234


AUTHORS: M. Martyniak, K. Zglejc, A. Franczak and G. Kotwica

KEY WORDS: oviduct, P450 aromatase, 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, steroidogenesis, pig

PAGE: 235-243


AUTHORS: M.E. Abd El-Hack , M. Alagawany, M. Saeed, M. Arif, M.A. Arain Z.A. Bhutto and S.A. Fazlani

KEY WORDS: Japanese quail, Nigella sativa meal, performance, carcass, blood, lipids

PAGE: 244-249


AUTHORS: E. Żary-Sikorska, J. Juśkiewicz, A. Jundziłł and J. Rybka

KEY WORDS: apple pomace, chicory, dietary fibre, polyphenols, fermentation, rats

PAGE: 250-258


AUTHORS: D.R. Menezes, A.L. Barbosa, R.T.S. Rodrigues, F.N. Lista, T.V.C. Nascimento, S.A. Moraes, M.A.Á. Queiroz and K.C. Busato

KEY WORDS: Tamarindus indica, elephant grass silage, in vitro gas production, effective degradability, lag time

PAGE: 259-265



KEY WORDS: dietary fibre, tannins, fibrous feedstuffs, gas production, rabbit

PAGE: 266-272